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Prayer intention for the week of April 19, 2015
Please give us confidence for today. Please be within us.

Please Dear Lord, I am begging You to heal and grant RRR a miracle of a cure and healing of melanoma. Please bless him with a healing of cancer. Please permit his immune system to overpower and strangle all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous tumors everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain. Please allow his T cells and his dendritic cells to kill, nullify, shrink, dissolve, and excrete all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous tumors everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain. I beg YouDivine Physician to hear this heartfelt prayer. We have M and M, 16 and 10, to raise.

Please bless our trip today to take M and B to camp for a leadership training weekend. Keep us safe and sound.

I am truly exhausted. I have no family on my side and what a difference it makes. No one ever has my back. I do not hear kind encouraging words. I just work all the time. My family does not help around the house and it is just a mess. I haven't heard an encouraging word in years. My husband is battling cancer and for all the care giving I have helped him with he never does one thing around the house He can't even match clean socks or fold towels. I asked my daughter to put the food in the refrigerator All she had to do was ope the door and put it in. It was left out and had to thrown away.

Prayers for Sr. Lynn going for scans and dr. visit.

Please Dear Lord pray for Matthew now in Algebra and give him strength, stamina, energy, health and healing. Pleaese give him the ability to understand , remember and do complicated Algebra problem solving steps.

Dear Blessed Mother, please pray for us.

Please ask our lord for sleep at night for me. since my dear wife came back to be with you almost 13 yrs ago. I don't sleep so will.

So many. Pray for all in need. Thanks.

Please heal and cure me of exhaustion and fatigue and loneliness. Please heal my mitral valve, and heal me.

Please keep 3100 safe and sound, inside and outside. Please keep all the systems running well and running safely. Please keep the alarm system, pipes, electrical system and furnace working well and working safely. Please remove all evil in, under,around and beside 3100 and bind it all back to Satan. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Please pray for my niece Lisa Marie D.

My father, my hero, my daddy is dying. He is in hospice and we are trying to hold it together and take care of our mom and ourselves. The watching and waiting are so difficult. Praying for peace and understanding.

Gary is in ICU, his lungs are bad, he needs our prayers !

O God, my wife and children are shadowed in evil. Our family is being destroyed. The children have turned their back to You and wallow in errors. My wife is utterly lost in despair and helplessness. I have been removed and isolated, prevented for talking with my children. O Lord you know our pain and agony, You know what’s in our hearts. Please have mercy on us. Place all the burden and pain on myself. Spare my family this darkness, where evil is flourishing. Send your armies of Angels to surround them, cover them with the precious blood of Your Son Jesus, call down the Advocate, The Holy Spirit to renew our spirits, pour out your infinite mercies and love upon them and bind their wounds. Console their spirits and raise them up that they may know the almighty. Give them courage, fortitude and holy perseverance. I beg you to take any and all grace I may have earned and give it to my wife who willing surrenders her will to You. God, I can’t see what you want of us, but I trust in Your will, if we should suffer longer help my children understand and endure; I will pray for the salvation or their souls. I love You God. Amen

That God will open my husband of 34 years Mikes eats so he can hear God and do his will and reconcile our marriage. Lover again and bring our family back together soon

Me and my husband has been married for about 6 years now but have not be able to get pregnant and last year his family member want me out of the house because they said i was on unable to give them a child and they want him to get married to someone else i have know where to run to one day a friend of my told me about Dr G. on how powerful he is and how he has also help her with spell so i have to contact him immediately on his email. And he told me what i have to do which i did and after 7 days i started seeing some changes in my body and i have to go and have a test carried out on me and find out that i was pregnant and it was just like a dream to me and my husband are very happy now and even the family member love me more than ever before and i finally put to birth February this years thanks to Dr G.

Please include in your prayers : for a sure buyer of our farm. Thank you so much.

Please let Herb get the new job he's been seeking. Thanks be To God!

For GPA and Anita to have good health and special healing after right treatments... For our loving families & caring friends, our special needs and all Maryknollers, we pray to God and blessed Mother

Dear Lord, thank you for your powerful intervention during my surgery on April 16,2015. I know you were right there in the surgery room with my doctor and his staff making sure everything was done properly. Thank you for not having pain as I used to have and I am walking good. Thank you for my family who has made sacrifices to be with me and for those who were calling, also for those that I don't know and have been praying for me. Lord it was a long journey but you were always there with me through thick and thin and I thank you. Amen

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara and Father Praxid. For Pat K. deceased, and Mrs Kelly. For myself in every way.

Please pray for us Elisa G C. and Joshua Joseph C-H

I pray that I will receive a position at an IU and be successful and happy there.

Please pray for the soul of my dear cousin Danny P. who died on 4/17 at a too young age of 64.

Pido oración por mi salud y la salud de mi esposa y mis hijas (TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE) I ask prayer for my health and the health of my wife and my daughters

For our family. For those with alcoholism. For peace and forgiveness between families and nations. For those who will die tonight. For those souls in purgatory. For priests, Religious, and and missionaries. Thank you...and in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus...for the special needs of my husband.

Please pray for my husband. May he not have too many complications from his diabetes. May they find cure for diabetes.

I beg Jesus if it is his will. He would bless my son with a new job very soon in research so he would not be force to leave our hometown. Thank you Jesus for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. I love you!dlcm

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