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Prayer intention for the week of July 20, 2014
please pray for Connor G. who is dealing internal intestinal ailments & problems.

Please pray for me (Tina) for good test Results of the endscopy biopsy . I should have a answer by this Friday, July 18. God Bless

please pray for my brother Jack who dealing with many family concerns & problems.

My niece's son just went through an operation to correct a problem he was having with his stomach. He is only 19 years old but has had a lot of different health problems. I ask that you keep him in your prayers that he will have a speedy recovery and will not have anymore health problems and can enjoy a long and happy life. Thank You, Mary Jane H.

please pray for procedure I'm having that it may turn out totally normal with no presence of cancer and for healing of spouse & brother-in-law's cancer.

Please pray for my 88years old mother. Her name is Rurung M. She broke her hip 3years ago and she's bedridden. I carry from her bed to her wheel chair. She's a good mother who raised her 9 children. I'm blessed to be the main caretaker. She lives with me. I also request prayer for my cousin Clara who helps me take care of my mother while I work. Pray for us so we continue to accept Jesus in our lives and strengthen our faith. Thank you so much and God bless you.

For peace and comfort as Don recovers from three strokes and some complications related to it.

Dear L ord thank you, because I have a roof over my head and food in my table. Help me with my children to be a good mom. Help my son Louis amen.

For our Community United Methodist Church in NY is having financial difficulties. We need to get more parishioners, or we will have to close. Please pray that we will find ways to do this, so we can get the support we need, to stay afloat. Yours in Christ Paul F.

PLEASE pray for a firm, righteous, satisfactory, fulfilling, and prosperous job offer for Mary C. --- Please!!!! By virtue and Grace of Our Lord's Sacred Wounds and Precious Blood. Amen.

Please pray for blessings over my children. Pray for blessings over work and finances. Pray that our family may be able to purchase a house on a lake. Pax Christi, Ave Maria

Dear St Ann and Joachim , please help Shai with her four children since she is in the process of relocating to Hawaii and her husband decides he is not going and she has to do everything by herself, relieve her from that stress and help her with the young kids. Help Shaki with her health and heal her. Help Denise and Shai financially . Also help Miguel to fulfill his dreams to make a living on his own so he can pay his own bills, help that his father would make that dream come true . Help Nelly with her education that she will do well in college and get her degree. Amen

Please pray for my daughter and her family Who need to sort out their finances and relieve stress in their lives!

Please pray for the soul of Remedous Castillo, my wife's eldest sister who passed on Saturday July 19th in the Philippines. She was a devote Catholic lady who lived the life Christ wanted us to live. Her family is suffering with this loss and needs the comfort of the Holy Spirit in this their time sorrow.

Dear Lord, If it be Your will, please heal Julie. Help us all to grow closer

I have an interview Tuesday, July 29 for a long-term substitute high school English teacher position. I really need a better job, and this is exactly what I have been working toward and praying to find. Please pray for me. Know that I pray for you. Thank you!!!

Please pray for healing for my friend, Nancy. Some cancerous spots on her bladder have returned. Also, I would appreciate prayers to find a buyer for my house very soon. I do not feel safe in this community where the police and town officials have been causing continual problems. Thank you.

Conseguir seguro social y licencia conducir temporalli cancelada (Translated by Google) Getting Social Security and driver's license canceled temporalli

Please Lord answer my prayers of healing. I have silent acid reflux and so hard to get a good night sleep. Let my body heal of this terrible disease. it makese so anxious and hard to accept. I pray there will be a cure soon. Also pray for Angelia who has been through so much with cancer. Ben who tries so hard not to give up on himself with so many health problems. Watch over my son and daughter-in-law for good health. God bless Tina

Please pray for Harold G., my grandfather who passed away July 11 and his family who are having a hard time.

Spiritual protection for my family.

Please pray for my son CpL Ian M R. USMC that he may return home save from his deployment in Afghanistan.

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