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Prayer intention for the week of January 31, 2016
Please pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the healing of my mother Telma F. as she has a brain tumor. May Mary protect her under her mantle. God bless you all. Fernando

please pray that my husband and I will reconcile and have a long loving faith filled marriage. thank you

Please pray for my family as we have 2 of our 3 grwon children that does not speak to us and we do not get to see out grand children . The devil is tearing this family apart

Prayers for Children Donna N. G. Feb.15,2016. Though we are many people in many lands, we are just one family in just one world. In shared humanity and dignity, with caring, love, and mercy, we welcome the opportunities of each day. Especially on the 15th of each month, offer positive thoughts, prayers and blessing for all children in cities and villages, countries and continents, and every corner of the world. Our children are today's gift and tomorrow's' promise. Be one with the family of the world who remembers all children on the 15th of the month. d.gibson (David G.)

15 months old. Undergoing kidney surgery in Feb.

For all my family, relatives and friends living, and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, and Monsignor V. For myself in every way. SPECIAL: For Therese J. and Angie C. both have Alzheimers... For recent deceased: Pat K., Ron J., Father P. and Barbara P.

Please help our family to be happy and healthy, we are getting older and we all have some medical issues. Bring peace to the world. Help everyone to help those in need. Thank you.

Please pray for me on the success of my job interview that I have attended that I will be selected for this position immediately. Thank you. Also please pray that my laptop which is malfunctioning will be rectified soon so that I do not need to buy a new one.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

My granddaughter is going through some dark, troubling times, in a deep depression. She needs spiritual, mental and physical healing. She needs to realize there is hope to get her through this.

Please remember the following in your prayers who recently passed: Bella A., Irene W. and Dee T., Ed H. and John L. B.. Thank you.

That my husband may rest in peace through eternity and that when I leave this earth I may join him in worshipping our Lord and Savior forever.

Pray there is a clinical trial that will help me to be there at my daughter's wedding in April. God don't leave me in my most desperate time in my life. I love you and continue to believe what ever the reports show you will carry me when I'm too weak.

Dear Brothers, Thank you for this opportunity. My boss will speak to me 2/1/16, about my "lack of initiative." This distresses me, since I'm not able to keep up with the work I've been given to do. May the divine will be done. May God grant me courage & strength to be resigned to whatever humiliation He sends me, including, maybe, the loss of my job. May I always be humble through this trial. Thank you for your prayer card. God bless you. Adele L.

For the repose of the soul of my loving husband, Charles L. R., who died 9/8/15.

Help Kevin find suitable employment & living arrangements

please pray for soul of thomas b.,i hope jesus sheds a drop of precious blood on him. he fought alcohol whole life.things people do on alcohol, i hope god forgives. i hope he is in good place, he needs prayer, i was married to him 35 yrs when he died. i hope the good brothers remember him in mass. he was intelligent, and confused from alcohol. i pray god gives him peace. wife letitia

prayers for Rita, Marj, Sr. Lynn and her sister, Serena and family, Lars and family, Jackie and family...thank you

I ask that you pray for my son Peter to realize how much God truly loves him. And that with God's help he can discern God's will for his life.

Please pray for exorcism and spiritual strength to Mikhail, Keanu, me, our families, houses and communities. Also I'd like to ask your prayers for blessings. Thank you very much Jesus Christ! Thank you very much brothers and sisters! God bless you!

please lord pray for my husband that he learns what is truly important in life. this house has so many issues but we need to push through and get through the rough times together. Also, prayer for my daughter and keep her values strong and true.

pray for my friend paulette that she starts healing and comes out of her coma. Strengthen her family during this time of confusion and need.

Maryknoll priest called me from NY left message he prayed that evening...left a very warm message but I did not get his name ? Anyway, our very sick baby is getting better! I wanted to thank this priest of course. It has been a long ordeal and I am thankful for his prayers but also the meant everything to us!

Please pray for me I have cancer and its in the fourth stage. I have deside not to take treatment. I will Waite for God to call me. I am blessed as so many people don't get to tell every one they love and to give to everyone they love . I have given my things to the homeless and friends my family. I thank God every day He gives to me without pain and all the time I have with my children and grandchildren. I have been given a Blessed life and for that I thank God.

I lost my son 8 months ago, my mom 5 months ago, my Dad 23 months ago and my marriage of 33 years 2 years ago. I feel very alone and I wonder my God has put so much suffering in my life. I also wonder why I have so many finically Struggles as well as having difficulty finding a good man in my life. Please pray for me.

Please let b understand and feel what is written in today's gospel about love . And let him have the strength and realization that he needs to demonstrate that love to his wife. May c,d,and m have a safe and beautiful trip. May it bring joy and peace to m in her last months. Please pray that Madrid be cured and May she be in your arms as she gets better.

Please pray for me to grow in faith and love. Especially love of those who are different from me and seem so threatening. Help me to understand them and know that God loves us all.

Please send down Your Guardian Angels to surround RRR with layers of healing and layers of love and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Please surround RRR with energy, stamina, strength, health and healing. Please allow his immune systems to become stronger and stronger. Please heal his cancer. We have M and M, 16 and 11, to raise. We have very little occasional help. Please . In Your Divine Providence,send health to RRR so he can see his son graduate from high school. Please send him health so he can go out of the house. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

I am requesting your prayers specifically about my eldest son James. He is 40 years old filipino and separated due to his illness. He s a sex addict. Lately he is into another relationship again and sometimes i broke down into depression as this son of mine is really a burden in my shoulder, last time when the girl left him he almost end his life and thats what i am most scared again. Please help me pray. I graduated as a maryknoll students here in the philippines. I truly respect all the maryknoll fathers as they are the mentors and during their first mission the priests really stayed in our house until my parents work religiously with the priest for them to build their simple convent. I was very young that time but I cook for the priest. Thank you

Please pray for my daughter that is pregnant and going through a lot right now. for her husband that has a lot of anger, pray that god calms his hart. for my husband that they find cure for his illness, and for me that I have lots of faith patience to go through the thinks god has put in my way

Prayers for Betty R. cancer recovery.

My daughter-in-law needs prayers today. Please pray in Jesus's name that her doctor appt. will prove to be good. Jesus please heal her. I will pray for all on those on this site.

Dear MaryKnoll Fathers and Brothers, Please pray for Baby Noah J. who is on life suppport to get better and have health of mind,body and soul and for little Sophia to heal of cancer and have health of mind, body and soul. Please also pray for me to get a good, steady part time job and to get extra work this week so I can get groceries. And for me to have enough money in January, February and especially March to pay all my bills, have grocery money and be able to give to charities. Thank you! Lastly, please pray for all my loved ones, living and deceased, especially Rosalia, Toni, Diane and Sam and Madeline and Pat and Annette. Thank you so very much! I am very grateful for your prayers, may they help us all.

Mary M. who died unexpectedly this week, her family and extended family are grieving for her even though we know she will be united with her son and Christ.

Please send Good Luck, Good Fortune and Good Health to the RAMM family. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for our family to have a fun and safe trip traveling abroad. Please pray for our safe returns without any delays, problems, or bad weather. Thank You.

Please pray that my husbands neuropathy will be healed

Please send down Your Guardian Angels to surround Matthew with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Please put on him the Armor of God. Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking, studying and memory in English class. Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking, reading, participating and memory in U S His tory. Please Christ be in is mind and in his thinking and reasoning in geometry. Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking building and teamwork in his TED class. Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking and memory and reasoning in Physics class. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

thanks for keeping M and his friends safe and sound at camp and on the roads in bad weather. Please bless Matthew today and always. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God.

Please heal my infection and sore. Please heal me. Please heal my inflammation and infection. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

May Phil be enlightened to come to believe that there IS A DIVINE CREATOR. May he find peace and joy in this life.

Please pray for my son and daughter who are away in college and are in danger of losing their faith. Please God, stay with them, give them your guidance, watch over there minds, hearts, and souls. Bring them back to their home safely.

Please pray for our son to travel safely to MA, while he is there, and back. He is taking an exam for Navy OTS, as he is following a calling to the military. Thanks and God bless!

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals and Monsignor V. For myself in every way. SPECIAL: For Therese J. and Angie C. both have Alzheimers. For recent deceased Pat K., Ron J., Father P., Barbara P. and Cathereine.

please pray my grandson gets well. may brian pass his kidney stone. may mary be pain free and at peace, and her family. please let greg and scott have normal heart function. may my faith be strong and my marriage get better

Dear Lord, please bless my son today for his birthday. Give him your grace and peace of mind. Help that this year he will start to make a living for himself with the help of his father. Pray that he will continue to be humble and respect his father . Help also my daughter Nellyn that she will do well in college and get her degree this year. Give her wisdom, knowledge and understanding in her classes. Help Shai and relieve her from all the stress she is going through at home, work and with her husband. Heal her back, hips and her whole body. Give her peace at home when her husband travels to be with her and if it is your will let them reconcile their marriage so he can help her raise the children. Help Shakima, heal her allergies and help her financially. Help Denise financially. Bless all my children and help them with their needs. Amen

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

Please remember Richard M. in your prayers as he recently passed. He was only 47 living with a heart problem. Thank you.

Please pray for Walt. His kidneys have shut down. He is on morphine. Hospice is doing their best to keep him comfortable. Joyce, his wife, is with him. They both need prayer. Thank you.

Heavenly Father,impart in our hearts love,joy,peace,humility,meekness,healing,righteousness,healing of body ,health & mind I asked all these thru Christ Our Almighty Lord thru the intercession our Blessed Virgin Mary Amen .

Please assist my son and daughter in law to heal and strengthen their marriage,Act out of love for God and their precious two daughters. God has smiled upon them, and they must honor God and love each other forever.

I pray that for my mind that I can think positive let me attract what is good for me . Make a good decision with the real estate company I need to be a part of.pray my child is not feeling sad because I'm getting a divorce. In God's name is pray.i need healing on my eyes

Nancy is a uniques and caring person who is now fighting a resurgence of cancer after a thirteen year remission. Please ask the Lord to give her his strength and courage. Thank you.

Lord, please heal my son Abel G. He has severe migraine headaches. Help him find employment soon. Also, help him finish his degree. I ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please send strength to Dolly G. whose brother has passed away. Please give her and her family peace of mind. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for Catalina M. M. to be cancer free and give her strength to fight

thanks Be to God. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

Please pray for Jackie (losing her home); Sr. Lynn, Marj and all in her family, and Rita; for the K. family. Much love and healing to all.

My mom Genevieve A. (87 years old) had fallen and broke her shoulder bone and tore her rotator cuff. The doctors opererated and fixed the shoulder bone, but didn't fix the rotator cuff at her age. She will be in a sling for 6-8 weeks and has to start using only her left hand (she is right handed) and this is the shoulder she fell on. Also, at the same time, her cornea transplant is rejecting, from a year ago. She has blisters forming and if they don't go away in a week, the eye doctor recommends another transplant surgery!:-(

Prayer for Greg S., who is just 58 dying of cancer and is in Hospice right now in Sioux Falls, SD.

Please pray for me. I have misplace or lost PNC bank cards . Please pray. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

G matter, h maintenance, doctors CKUP results, weather, fainliy unity, Econ rebound and world peace, for these we pray and may God's blessings be with all and all Maryknollers

Please send help fast. I am always alone AND ALways forgotten about. I am worn out and exhausted.

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