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Prayer intention for the week of August 17, 2014
***Message from Maryknoll*** Thank you for submitting your prayer requests and intentions. If you have submitted a prayer previously and do not see it below, this is simply because we routinely clear our database. Please know that we have received your prayer and you are being prayed for by the Maryknoll Family. Please continue to submit your requests and we will add these to our prayer group. God Bless!

Please ask God to bless me and protect me during my knee surgery on September 16. I am at a higher risk for infection, so I'm a little worried, but I trust the Lord to be with me and heal me.

Tim is the principal of our school in Albuquerque. On Sunday he had a massive coronary and is in coma in the hospital. The children need your prayers to help accept whatever comes of this illness. Tim also needs prayers for his recovery or whatever God has planned for him. Again, thank you. Nothing so great as the power of prayers.

Please keep this child in your prayers today. She has difficulty coping with everyday life. She has been adopted by my niece who loves her deeply and is concerned for her well-being. Jazmarie is currently in the psychiatric ward at a local hospital. This is her second admittance. She is a special child with special needs and we know the power of prayer. Thank you.

Please pray that my work environment becomes more peaceful. Lots of hard feelings.

He is currently in prison and needs many prayers. Thank you S

Please, pray for us the Mercy of the Holy Virgin Mary and of Jesus so that they delete our being poor and attacked; pray the Mercy of God the Father so that He will Bless us marrying us in His Love and Peace giving us Happyness and Happy kids. We have put all our hope in God while we are in such big bad troubles. Thanks. Sauro and Parisa

Prayers please, for Greg, who found out on his birthday that he has prostate cancer. Prayers that his scans will be clear, and that he will deal with this with much grace from God

Prayers of thanksgiving for our first Granddaughter, Molly. May she grow to love and be a for our Lord.

praying for a job

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