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Prayer intention for the week of November 16, 2014
***November Message from Maryknoll*** Thank you for visiting our Prayer Corner! If you have posted a prayer recently and do not see it, please do not worry. We need to clear the databases on a regular basis. We have received your prayer and the Maryknoll family is praying for you! God Bless

That God's mission for me is made clear for me to understand and embrace.

1. My Daughter Sandhya to be freed from ADHD. 2. My wife needs to be Board Certified in her medical field. 3. A new Home for our family. 5. Good Health for our family members. Myself, Suja, Paul and Sandhya. 6. For my Cousin Lionel Jean F. who has been in coma for the past two years in Germany. May God allow him to get back to good health and be healthy again with his family.

Guide him as he walk beside you.He was a 2 year old feral cat never knew how it is to be a pet lived his two years being out in the cold in the last month of his life he felt my love as i took care of him being very sick. Make him feel loved and wanted and be your special pet angel and to watch over ,e and the rest of his friends and family that loved him here on earrh.

For all the women who have both inspired and cared for me; as well as the ones much harder to love who perhaps need inspiration. Heavenly Father and Mother Mary, please pray for their souls, that they may still turn to you, live more exemplary, joyful lives regardless of their circumstances. Lift their hearts, let them see themselves as being loved, valuable, and be just a little kinder to others. Especially know how privileged I am to have my own mother, (Donna), sisters-Mindy, Julie, Ellen, Becky; friends-Dee, Vickie, Vicki, Leslie, Jane, Diane, Jan, Amy, and ones I am forgetting; for difficult ones, who remind me of my shortcomings- Bernz, Denise, Pam, Nancy, Yerke, and others. Thank you for all of you

Please pray for me so I will find employment very soon so I will be able to pay my bills and medical insurance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Go love all of you.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

Dear God, I ask your blessings and guidance in finding for a job. A permanent job where I could use my skills and talents and to gain more knowledge with a great compensation that I will be able to pay our debts, my children's tuition, be financially stable and be able to help others financially.

I have asked you to pray for me because I am an alcoholic. I am finishing my 4th day without a drink. Please keep praying for me. God bless you.

Please keep us safe and sound today as we drive on cold, snowy roads. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please Dear Lord surround Michaela with Guardian Angels and layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection. Please put on her the Armor of God. Please help her to understand her math, problem solving and understanding word problems. Please help her to learn as much as she can and to behave as well as she can. Help her to be a role model for the other children at school. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God. Please remove all evil around Michaela and bind it all back to Satan. Glory to God.

Please keep 3100 safe and sound, inside and outside. Please keep all the systems running well and running safely. Please remove all evil around 3100 and bind it all back to Satan. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please bless us and give us hope for the future. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please keep our car and all the cars and drivers around our car safe, sound, alert, awake, aware, cautious and careful. Please slow us all down and help us to realize that we all carry precious cargo in our cars. I remove all evil around and in our car and all the cars and drivers around our car too. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Para que mi esposo un día puedamos recebir el Sacramento del matrimonio para que se acerque ala iglesia y por mi que dios me de las gracia de no tener miedo ante los doctores (TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE) To my husband one day puedamos recebir the sacrament of marriage to church wing approach and my god me the grace to have no fear of doctors

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara, Father Praxid and Pat K.. For myself in every way.

Give us hope and faith in the future. Help us to pray and to stay calm. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

My good friend was struck by a car going in reverse instead of forward. He is currently on life support. His mother is 88 years old and she needs her son to recover as her health is not so great. I know the strength of prayer being a retired Maryknoller employee. PLEASE PRAY EXTRA HARD. GOD BLESS.

Give us hope and help us to have faith and confidence in God's will for us. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

Hail MaryFull of grace please intercede through your Son Jesus for the recovery of my sister Irene and relieve her of the pain she is suffering right now and give her the assurance that with the grace of God everything will be alright.

Pray for my family will have a safe and good day. Pray for my marriage and family.My family will live,know and share the faith. I can get motivated and get a lot done today.A.F and family will exercise,eat healthy and lose weight.Pray for G.A.L.T.M.R.S.M.N and S business, employees, residents, boss, lawyers, accountants, managers and customers. R.F and teammates do really good basketball.

Praying for the Light of the Holy Spirit to guide me in making some important financial decisions.

Dear Lord, please go that my surgery on Dec 9th will be a success and that the doctor will treat the infection in my right hip so I can walk strong again. Help that on Dec 1st that the pre-op will also be successful and the insurance will pay for the surgery. Help all my children with their needs, help Miguel to move his life forward and fulfill his dreams to make living on his own. Help Denise to find a permanent job, be with Shai who is all alone in Hawaii with four young children, give her strength and keep she and the kids healthy. Let her make the right decision about her marriage. Give Shaki and Alex the wisdom and patience to deal with their son, Kuani, who has AHD and keep finding himself in trouble in school. Let Nelly have a safe trip on Saturday and help her to focus more in school and do well. Please prevent her in getting involved in drugs and alcohol . Amen

Please pray for me and my marriage as we are having problems. Mike and Elodie

Please pray for Matthew who is basketball practice right now. Please let him be confident and help him Dear Lord to stay calm and calm his anxieties. Please help him to believe in himself and to do his best. he wants to make the team. Glory Honor Praise and Glory to God.

PLEASE pray for susan and Michael H., Bailey. , Zach and Zoe H. . Daylen W. and family . And Irene west ......and Monica C. that she may return to the Catholic Faith

Please pray that my son and his wife will have their new baby baptized.

Please heal my mitral valve, aches and pains, infection and inflammations. Please grant me a miracle for my husband and children. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Once again I ask for prayers for a quick home sale. I feel unsafe in the community where I live due to violation of my rights. I pray for all those who have asked for prayers in this prayer corner. Thank you.

Please give us faith in You and Your Divine Providence. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please Dear Lord, keep our car and all the cars and all the drivers around our car safe and sound, cautious, careful, alert, awake, aware and cognizant of the precious cargo that we all carry in our cars. Please remove all evil in and around car and those around us too. Slow us all down. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

I remove all evil around RAMM and I bind all of it back to Satan. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for RRR for tomorrow's Thursday, November 20 when he has an MRI of his brain and a doctors appointment. Please let the MRI show that he is cured of melanoma. I beg You Dear Lord for a miracle for RRR. glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Dear Father God in heaven enlighten us in our decision making as we give-up the job of my husband Teng de G. and embrace the business that we started few years ago. Since I have difficulty in handling the construction business alone.. Father God, I lift up to you all our clients namely, The J. Family, Felix E., Jasper L., Jib C., Marlon A., Almira A., Pedro G., Audrey N., Cherry Mae D., Aileen H., Annicel E., Michelle A. the R. family, That we may have a successful business transaction. You know father God that we don't have the big capital to finance this 12 houses.., but we believe in your Power, Love and Generosity. So we entrust all these to you Father God because we believed that nothing is impossible to those who believed in You. Amen

Asking for guidance, to make a better decision in pertain to my home mortgage ... Please send us someone to help me decide and understand well the new modification offer and someone to help me refinance despite if my credit credibility I ask this in the name of our lord Jesus Christ amen

Dear Lord, please help that my surgery will be a success on Dec9th and that the doctor will treat the infection on my right hip and would make me strong again to walk. Help that the pre-op will also be a success and that the insurance will pay for the surgery. Help Miguel to deal with the break up of his girlfriend and that he will move forward with his life. Help him to fulfill his dream to start making a living on his own so he can support himself. Help that his father will help him in this endeavor and not start and finish in the middle. Please pray for him to make something of his life. Amen

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