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Prayer intention for the week of May 17, 2015
Peace and health in our family and the world. Help for all of the people in the earth quakes, easier life for my daughter and husband. For all people to love and help one another.

For Cullan and Michael as they struggle in their lives with decisions on school/work/friends, etc. Help them to find good Christian friends and surround themselves with them. I pray that they will one day come to a decision to return to their childhood faith and learn how much God loves them and will direct them well if they allow Him to come in.

Give Joel S. and Joyce N. the wisdom and information and anointing Holy Spirit to combat the Parkinson's disease they're fighting. In Jesus name Amen

Please help me to get back into good condition again. Please help me. Please heal my mitral valve, infection and inflammations.

Please ask God to restore Mike and Rachaels marriage. To have Mike do Gods will and come back home soon so we can love each other again and save our marriage and family. Thanks

Dear Lord please bless Father Haney today on the 54th anniversary of his Ordination. He is a holy man and a great role model for our family. He is warm and friendly and genuine. Please bless him and heal him.

Bless Fr. John Haney

For Akc to heal speedily and totally and be at peace and harmony with nature & God and for her loved ones to follow God's plans we pray to God. For C, P, H & CW, we pray also.

Dear St. Anthony and St. Jude, please pray for and grant healing to my elderly neighbor Claire, who recently developed colitis and is having a difficult time. I also pray to our Blessed Mother for her healing intervention.

My wife and my daughter please protect them as they go forward and give me the ability to take care of them thank you very much

Please protect our car and keep all the cars near our car and their drivers too safe, sound, alert, awake, aware, cautious and careful. Please slow us all down and help us all to realize the precious cargo that we have in our cars. I remove all evil in, under, around, above and below our car and all the cars and drivers near our car and I bind it all back to Satan.

Please pray for the repose of our Dad's soul. He passed away on May 1st. Thank you and God bless!

Working on my master's in social work and have a dreaded quiz every Sunday. Please pray I do well, so I can serve those in need.Thank you and God bless!

Please pray for our son Rich whose probationary period is done with his work this week. May they offer him enough to be able to support himself, his future wife, and family. Also, they are looking to buy a home. Please guide them is this process.

Please pray for them to get the counseling she needs to break the cycle.

Please pray she receives some pain relief and gets back some quality of life.

The bounty of Divine Love for all Creation, for me and all in my life.

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara, and Father Praxid and For myself in every way.

Please pray for Chris and Jing to sell their house and that Chris will success with his research, have continued work, and be able to get more journal articles. Please pray for Chris and Jing's coming baby. Thank you for remembering them in your prayers.

Please forgive me Dear Lord I just woke up and I have to get my son to school. Please heal RRR of melanoma. Please Christ be within Matthew today and always and please be with him as he takes an important Biology test and maybe a World Cultures test too. They have so many tests. Please remove all evil around RAMM, 3100 and our trees, house, yard and deck and car. Please keep RAMM safe and sound. I will pray after I get Matthew to school and our car to the shop for a state inspection. Please Christ be all around Matthew. Please Christ be within Matthew. Please Christ be all around Matthew. Please Christ be in his head and in his understanding. Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking. Please Christ be in his mind and in his test taking, thinking, and memory.

Please remove all evil in, under, around, above and below 3100 our trees, house, yard, porch and deck. Please bind it all back to Satan.

Bless Matthew today and always and keep him safe and sound. Please guide him during his Biology test this is really really important.

Martha has just been moved into hospice while suffering with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The chemo has stopped working so she is not able to be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. She is only 59 years old.

Dear Lord please heal my right hip and knee so I could walk strong again without the cane . Help also Abby to recover from his brain surgery and comfort his mother and father who are not well and worry about their son. Also help Menchos from his sickness and give the doctors the wisdom to discover what's wrong with him so they can treat him. Heal Shai from all the,pain in her body. Also heal Ryan from his ailment. Help all my family from any sickness they may have and be with Babs for her surgery next week. Amen

Dear Lord, thank you everything. Thank you for helping RRR with the cyberknife surgery yesterday. He is feeling strong and good. Please inspire his oncologist to continue RRR on the K treatment which he has been receiving. We have M and M, 16 and 10, to raise. Please inspire Dr. T.

That God will reconcile my 34 year marriage to Mike. That he will let Mike know that divorce is wrong. That God will do everything in his power to save Rachael and mike marriage and family. Thanks you.

I pray for my husband, Joey, that God will open his eyes, ears and heart to the truth of the scriptures and that Joey will receive and respond by asking Jesus into his heart. I pray that God would destroy anything in his life that hinders him in any way from becoming all that God has created him to be. I ask these in the name of Jesus. Amen

For the Marriage of my son and daughter in-law and their 2 children. His wife left him last September with the children and my son is still heart broken. He hates coming home to an empty house without the children. I will continue to pray that the holy spirit will come and speak to her. Their marriage that was blessed in the church before God and Family and I pray that it will be restored.

I am begging the Lord of the universe, that if it is in His will to please send a baby to my daughter. I saw a vision of an ultra sound with the message "this is Annie".....I believe that Annie is waiting to be born...I trust and hope!

Please pray for healing for the pain I have in my back, jaw, knees and stomach. Please pray that I will find love, kindness and friendship in my life. Please pray that my faith in God will be strengthened. Thank you

Please bless me and heal me. Please heal my mitral valve, infection and inflammations. Please.

Please pray for RRR. Dear Lord I am begging You for a healing and miracle of a cure of melanoma for my husband. Please send Your Healing Touch upon RRR and grant him a miracle of a cure. Please permit his immune system to overpower and strangle all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous lesions everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain, especially in his brain. Please permit his T cells and dendritic cells to kill, nullify, shrink, destroy and dissolve all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous lesions everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain, especially in his brain. Please I am begging You. WE have M and M, 16 and 10, to raise.

For my husband's health. He is 80 years old and has a kidney transplant and no immunity. He is loosing weight, loosing his appetite and developing dementia. Tonight he has a fever and no energy

Dear Lord let thy will be done. I pray here and in my heart that you, despite the medical diagnosis we have received about my Dad, give us a miracle over his terminal cancer. If this is not your will I ask you to give him peace and touch him so that he knows that you are there to receive him.

Please pray for my mom, who suffered a fall last Thursday hitting her head badly. She seems to be recovering, but is still very shaky. My mom takes blood thinners and is at risk of a life threatening bleeding.Thank you, Carmen F.

Ruben was born with half of a heart he now has a heart transplant and is having some major health set backs. Maryknoll priest please pray for his health. He is 16 years old. God bless

Pray for my friend as she mourns her Sister's passing.

That my husband of 34 years mike will listen to God and reconcile our marriage. He will stop being selfish and find in his heart love for rachael and save our marriage and very soon. Please pray for us. Thanks

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