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Prayer intention for the week of May 29, 2016
I pray for my job search and for my interview tomorrow. I pray that whatever happens and whatever decision I make is in line with God's will for me. I pray for those who guide me spiritually (professors, friends, family, mentors), that they can help me to make a wise decision. I pray for peace and guidance in this process.

Ask that God give me the strength and faith in His love. so that I may use this time of cancer as He wills

Please pray for my sister, Daisy C. C., who had an accident. May she completely be healed of her broken facial bones and rib, bleeding in her brain membrane, and intercranial bleeding. Please pray for her speedy and whole recovery.

For family and friends and my enemies

Regina, Trinity for navy

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals and Monsignor V. For myself in every way. SPECIAL: For Therese J. and Angie C., (both have dementia) For recent deceased: Pat K., Ron J., Father P., Barbara P. and Denise and Robert S.

Hope, health, healing and protection of the Lord's mercy for my spouse and myself, Holy Spirit's guidance & special intention at work.

Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, please grant me always these intentions: I am NEVER scheduled for medical tests/exams that I don't need, grant me that I never have to have another echo-cardiogram, EKG, or that I never have to take another ultrasound of my breasts or do a repeat mammogram if there is nothing wrong, grant me that there is NEVER anything wrong with my breasts, heart, brain, eyes, that I never have cataracts and never need prescription glasses or injure my eyes. Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name please, i beg of You, please never let me develop macular generation in either eye. please do not let the spot on my macular part of my eye get worse & I don't get these kinds of spots on the other eye. Please spare my family of this type of eye blindness. Thank You for all You have done for me. Amen

O my Jesus, I beg You to always grant the whole Church Your love & the light of Your Spirit & always give power to the words of priests so that all hardened hearts might be brought to repentance & return fully to You, O Lord, my God! Give us always holy priests, seminarians & novices; maintain them in holiness, may the power of Your mercy always accompany them everywhere & always protect them from the devils traps & snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests, seminarians & novices. May the power of Your Mercy, O Lord, always shatter & bring to naught all that might tarnish the sancity of priests, seminarians & novices, for You can do all things. Amen

Dear MaryKnoll Fathers and Brothers, Please pray for me to have a good remainder of May and the month of June. I want to be happy again. I have been suffering spiritually, emotionally and mentally very badly for about 2+ years, Please also for me to find a good Catholic man that will want to marry me. Also, please pray for Tigger, my cat to get along well with Pumpkin, my soon to be roomate's dog. Finally, please pray for my electricity to not be cut off. And for me to be eligible and receive a ComEd Energy Grant very soon. Thank you for your prayers. I love you very much for all the beautiful work you do for those who need help.


Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H>

Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, please grant me always these intentions: I am NEVER scheduled for medical tests/exams that I don't need, grant me that I never have to have another echo-cardiogram, EKG, or that I never have to take another ultrasound of my breasts or do a repeat mammogram if there is nothing wrong, grant me that there is NEVER anything wrong with my breasts, heart, brain, eyes, that I never have cataracts and never need prescription glasses or injure my eyes. Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name please, i beg of You, please never let me develop macular generation in either eye.

Please pray to Father C. to intercede for a fellow Staten islander . Ask the Lord to cure my cancer Thank you John D.

pray for a job for Paula that gives her a living wage and a place to live

Please pray that our grant application will be viewed favourably and that our choir will receive the funds it needs to continue bringing music to our city.

I am having open heart by-pass on June 2, pray for the surgeon Dr. M. that the Holy Spirit guide his hands, and that what was meant for evil, God can use for good. In Christ

Please pray for David for improved health and find a cause for his problems.

When you offer prayer, please pray for the return of my husband and daughter to the church. Convert the heart of my husband from his unfaithfulness to me and the Catholic church and guide him back to the way and to his marriage vows. Also pray for those inflicted with cancer, especially pete and mary.

Please pray for John who begins aggressive Chemo & Radiation treatments for Rectal cancer.Two lymph nodes are involved in the groin. Thank you. Please pray for Mary F. for knee surgery snd to have the ok for a bleeding disorder so surgery can be performed. Thank you

For IKE & LY to be on the right paths with good future, for those in my prayer list especially those under the weather and for FCY all generations, my caring doctors and neighbors and family, we pray to God

For my sister's unsuccessful leg operations and my sister-in-law's cancer treatments will cure her. A friend's dialysis for kidney failure and another friend's cancer treatments. My Aunt's eye macular degeneration. ALL NEED PRAYERS FOR HEALING, PLEASE. AND FOR THEIR FAMILIES. THANK YOU.

Please pray for me I had all my wisdom teeth and cyst removed a week ago and my lower lip is still numb. Pray for my Father in law he was rushed to hospital suffering from gallbladder needs surgery. Pray for my cousin Joanna C. she has psychological problems and having suicidal thoughts. For my uncle Abdiel C. who has Alzheimer's and Vanessa C. they all live together and she takes care of them both. For health the of my Mom Raquel C. which in the past has has seizure...she is currently on meds and doing well. Thanks and God Bless

The reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to Brett F. Thank you, Jennifer

Please pray in gratitude for my nephew's successful job search. He's well on his way thanks to the intervention of many good saints.

Dear Lord,I just want to say thank you for all the blessings i have received.and for sending holy spirit to lead,guide,and direct Sydney my daughter throughout her college years.On the 25th of this month,it will be their graduation day at New Jersey.Sydney will have the degree in Computer Engineer.This Sunday May 22nd my husband and i along with our eldest daughter Leilani and her two boys Alex and Anthony will be travelling to New Jersey.To attend the graduation.Please let our travel be safe, protect us from any danger and give us good health.Thank you dear Lord for everything you have blessed Sydney and all the favors you granted her.I praised your holy name.And also many thanks for my sister Anita P. M. for her successful visit to the specialist in Manila.She is doing much better now than before.Tomorrow they will be returning back home after 9 months of illness in and out of the city hospital.And also for passing police exam of her eldest son Adonis P. M. And last for graduating her second child in college "CUM LAUDE' Psycology major Christelle Anne P.M. Thank you dear Lord for everything. I praised your holy name!

Please pray for me that I will soon get a job. I am disheartened that I was not chosen in the job that I really wanted. I did several interviews but nothing prospered. Currently, I have again several interviews lined-up. I really hope this time, I will be selected. I don’t want to stay longer in my current job as I can’t stand my employer anymore. I wish to have a God-fearing Boss with high respect for people. I want to be part of a company with better compensation/ benefits. Thank you and God Bless.

Please keep a prayer in your hearts everyday for the United States Armed forces that all deployed return home safe to their loved ones and that St. Michael keep watch over them while in combat.

Help pray for my mother Maureen; today that she may have a successful cardio cauterization and if a stent is necessary may that go well for her. Amen

Please give Karen & John guidance and discernment as they struggle with the decision of moving to the other side of the state.

Please pray for Garrett who was just diagnosed with Cancer. Give him a complete healing.


I am a widow. Life has changed so much. At one time I had my own business. Please pray for me that I may find part-time work to keep me solvent and to help me enjoy my life more. I ask this in Christ's name. Amen.

St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases, Pray for Us O Holy St. Jude, help me when I feel hopeless and alone. Come to my aid in this great need, and ask God to assist me in my troubles and sufferings, particularly for Drew, Reggie, Hugo, Victor, The University Students, The University Workers, Police Officer Frittz, The Recycling Center Worker, Roy, Abraham, Abel, Ramon, Eric, Edwin, Edgar, Fernando, Johnny and Jonathan, for them to be blessed, poor in spirit, meek, comforted if they are in mourning, I pray they are hungry and thirsty for justice, merciful, clean of heart, I pray they are peacemakers, I prayer of repetition that the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs, I pray that they are blessed when people insult them, persecute them and falsely say all manner of evil against them because of God, I pray that they rejoice and be glad, because great is their reward in heaven... St. Jude, I praise God with you and all the saints forever. I promise, blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen Prayerfully, Blessed Brother Carlos L T. of the Most Blessed Sacrament and of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Please remember Marjorie F. and Marlene W. in your prayers as both recently passed. Thank you.

Please pray for Brett,he was put in hospice care yesterday,and getting worse.He is the twin brother of my daughter's best friend.He has a type of cancer. He has 2 young boys maybe 3 and 5 years old.I don't want this to happen to him, his sons' need and love him very much.My brother's church made a prayer pillow for him and it was a comfort.He is a good person and father to his sons.My younger brother never knew our father because he was only two when he died.I pray to Mary for help with Brett,also.Thank you for your prayers, he really needs them.Thank you very much,Sue

Please pray for my children and they struggle to live a God inspired life.

Please Lord, remove the addiction from the body and soul of Pat E.,who is dire need of a change and is unable to manage her life.

Thank you God. Giv me peace in my home and armory. Amen jq

My grandson Joe is marrying his male partner. I am not attending the wedding. It has torn our family, all Catholic including him, apart. They know they should not attend but if going to confession solves the problem. I am trying to , by example, that isn't right. It is presumptive of God's mercy. Thank You. Lillie W.

Please remember Louis S. and my sister Irmgard D. for the repose of their soul in a Mass. Also please pray for strength for my granddaughter Sarah to help her cope with a very unfair life situation. God bless all of you and your mission.

The reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to Brett.

I thank you lord for the renewal of g' contract. Please send your Holy Spirit to Brian on this feast of Pentecost. May he have and accept the wisdom of the Holy Spirit , and may he happy in our marriage and show that happiness and love to me. Pray for jean and her family on the 2nd anniversary of t's suicide and help all the others contemplating the same. And hold Mary in your arms through the rest of her life.

Praying for God's healing of Gino from his cancer. Thank you Fathers!

Please pray that God will lead my husband of 35 years Mike back to his wife Rachael and reconcile our marriage soon. Thank you

For good news, good health on upcoming family members health condition & lab results & Doc's exams, for healing of those under the weather we pray to God...for those who went before us may their souls rest in peace and for all Maryknollers worldwide, we pray

Holy St. Jude pray for us. Amen. Please pray for Derek for 1 year Please. He is not able to attend Sunday's Mass's. Suffering persecution

Dear Lord I just want to say thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to lead , guide and direct Nelly throughout her college years. Thank you for letting her graduate on Friday May 13 . and for all the family support she received on graduation day. Thank you for everything you have blessed her with and all the favors you granted her. Thank you Lord and I praise your Holy name. Continue to be her daily guide and watch over and protect her since she lives alone . Amen

Please pray for healing and recovery for my uncles.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

I, Mary Jane, having been a long time beneficary of Maryknoll's goodness, am requesting serious prayers for a financial situation involving my well being and security. I have been praying a long time for this and I realize I need Maryknoll's assistance to pray with me. I thank you sincerely for the effort that you have already made, and I would ask God to continue to bless me with wisdom and guidance in the day's ahead, as this situation has caused a lot of anxiety. Most sincerely, Mary Jane B. H.

for my vocation: I am a older male who is interested in a religious voacation. I like reading scripture, praying the rosary, spiritual reading. I like to cook and have some food service training. I have been driving cab for 8 years.

Thank you Maryknoll Brothers for your prayers. God answered our prayers. I was there to witness my daughter's wedding on April 29th. I am fighting terminal cancer and I was so afraid cancer would take me before I could see my beautiful daughter take her vows. Thank you. God is great and merciful.

Prayers for my brother, Sabino M., recovering from back surgery.

A couple of the days ago I asked for prayers, I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted today along with cyst removal. The procedure went excellent. Please continue to pray for quick recovery, I m in a lot of discomfort and that the biopsy results are negative. Thx & God Bless, Michelle

Please pray that God will look kindly upon Johanna and Steve and bless them with the miracle of conception and the joy of parenthood.

Elvin K. B. may your soul rest in peace. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spouse Paul passed away 3 months ago. Thinking about him maybe not being in heaven causes me much pain. I BELIEVE and trust IN THE MERCY OF GOD . Need prayers to give me peace.

My brother-in-law John M. has many health problems. He had a mild stroke recently and now has pneumonia and cannot breathe on his own. He is going into intensive care and is supposed to be intubated tomorrow,

For Hilaria S. of Mililani, Hawaii, we pray for her full recovery and return to good health.

Hello Prayer Warriors, Please pray for me, Friday 13th at 9am EST I will have my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. In addition I have a cyst under one of the tooth which will be removed and sent for biopsy. I will be sedated through the process but I am quite nervous. Since our families live out of state, my husband Steven will be looking after me and our very active 3 year old. Please pray that all goes well, that the biopsy returns negative, and that I heal quickly. Thanks for your prayers,

Dear Lord, please pray for my grandson, Kuoni, who for the last 2 months tried to runaway from home.he has AHD and is under medication. He is failing in school and is skipping classes. He has suddenly changed. Please help him and guide and protect him from all evil. Reach out to him and help him with whatever is going through his mind. His mother is unable to sleep at nights and is getting sick, Lord please pray to the father to help in this situation. I trust that you will help him. Amen

My wife of 47 years has left me & wants a divorce. I still love her very much. Please pray that she will open her heart, and we can remain married for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

I pray that my brother Ray receives a blessing with good news with his Cancer tomorrow let him be blessed with news that his cancer does not show up on any of his test and a miracle that cancer is gone.

Please pray for a timely divorce from a 4 year marriage that was mostly weekends from a woman who has resorted to extensive lies in order to get a settlement that might amount to $100,000 or more. This marriage came after I had a successful marriagefor 52 years with a saintly woman who gave me 4 wonderful sons and a grandson now in a Seminary. Please pray for the soul of Constance.

For my mom, I pray for her depression. my sister for her health, my niece for her special needs & protection from anyone who wants to hurt her. My boyfriend, give him strength & patience for his kids that are on the wrong path of life. And, for me,all I need is to save my house. It's so depressing not having roof over my family. Jesus, continue leading us your way. Thank you God for everything. Amen

Robert was in a motorcycle accident, which injured his leg and knee. He is suffering with a lot of pain. Please pray for him.

For Pete: that he gets the best care and they know how to treat his cancer and side effects

Eleanor E.-deceased

Health For: Graciela R. e hijos y Esposo. Famila Ramirez O.

For my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals and Monsignor V. For myself in every way. SPECIAL: For Therese J. and Angie C. (both have dementia) For recent deceased: Pat K., Ron J., Father P., Barbara P. and Denise.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

I pray Holy Father in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ that my relationship with Howard will be healed quickly and that his surgery will go well. i thank you so much for my children and grandchildren! I pray I can stop worrying and be a better person. Amen

Please keep Susan H. in your prayers as she recently passed. We all pray for all our Mothers around the world and especially our own who raised us up with love, protection and security. Thank you.

Please say a prayer for my open heart surgery the end of January which I am still having complications from

Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection. Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening. Special prayers for: (1)Carole-stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer (2)Eileen- ALS (3)Paul-brain cancer 20% growth over last 2 months, for hope and healing (4)Shawn-alcoholism (5) Lori-ovarian cancer (6)Tommy-(19 yr) broken spine paralyzed from neck down (7)Liam-downs syndrome (8) Jon & Noel-to conceive a child (9) Dave-healing of his eyes (10)Brooke-(11 yr), neuroblastoma cancer (11) Clay-(11 yr) rare form of brain cancer Blessings Shelly

May people feel secure in their lives. Pray that I may know and feel the security of our Heavenly Father. May my family have emotional and financial stability. Also please pray for Mary in her journey with cancer., my marriage and renewal of g's contract.

Dear Father and Brothers, please pray for healing for my health and my wife and also my students to understand their importance in finishing their trade to better prepare them for a brighter future. My students are young adults that seems lost in guidance of the importance of living in Christ.

That my husband may be restored to good health so he will be able to continue the good works he's doing in the Philippines. For the voters in the Philippines, that the Holy Spirit may enlighten them, thus choose the good candidates. For peaceful and clean election in the Philippines

I ask the Lord to get my sister Marcia the help she needs to recover from a stroke, keep her from fighting with her caretakers and heal her in mind body and heart

My mother does not get althemizers, lose her vision and remain in her current living arrangements until it is time to go to heaven

Dear Jesus Please help the situation at work go away Thank you kindly I love you very much Amen xoxo


Please pray for the tragic death last May 6 of my sister and brother in law, Maria and Florante A. of St. Petersburg, Florida. 'Eternal repose grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them, May they rest in Peace, Amen'.

Por la famila Guadalupe I. , Mario, H., y Julie. Recuperacion por los enfermos.

For the physical, emotional,mental and spiritual healing for my spiritual son Christian. And for the grace that he needs to break the hold on the medications that hold him bound.

My son, a Hermit Priest refuses to acknowledge his family, his Mother, Brother and family and Aunt and Uncle. He is angry, disrespectful, and distant. This has all happened in the last six years. Before that, he was very loving, gentle, caring and very respectful. He phoned home regularly, e-mailed and even visited when he could. Please pray for us. He will not tell anyone why he is acting in this way. Please pray for this family. thank you and may God bless you.

Would you please pray for all the people and intentions on our list. For spiritual growth, healing, conversion, spiritual protection and for what each person needs. Especially for Chris, Stephen – our list of intentions for them. Please transform their lives Lord. That all may glorify you. For Chris & Kim, For Raf and Vianney. For Craig & Rebecca, Daniel & Anne, Rose & Josh. For Nate & Andrea. Joe & Angelica – for good health, good eating habits. For what each person needs. For spiritual protection for each. For Alex & Caroline. For all of our staff. For Gene, Brian, Ken, Rudy. For Al L. For Greg & Barbara. Healing, growth, relinquishment of control. To prepare for married life. For good health. A deeper faith and trust in Jesus. Total surrender. For wisdom and understanding. That they make Jesus # 1 in their lives. For Dan & Lynette, that they sell both houses. That they grieve, let go of the past, start new and buy a new together. That they start a new life together. For Lori, Christopher, Danielle, Chuck & Judy, Danny & Rana, Kimberly, Caroline, Natalie, Melinda & Pete, Mike, Livy, Tori. For Gina & Sam, conversion, healing and growth. For Vinny’s conversion. for Vinny & Becky, Owen, Summer. Mandy, Danny – for a safe return from deployment, Ali. Tyler and Jacqueline, Joe & Nancy. Jason & Debbie – healing, growth, courage, to get married. For faith and trust in Jesus. For the gift of faith. Gail Ann, Patrick, Mark & Andrew. For Gary. For Katie – conversion, faith & a good spouse. For Theresa & James. That James gets an annulment. For Ray – healing, growth, conversion, new life & a deeper relationship with Christ. For Sean B. Growth, healing, Purity, chastity, Fidelity. Deeper Faith & trust in the Lord. Total dependence and surrender to Jesus. For Dionisio, Cecilia, Alex, Carlos, Melissa, their children. For Danny, Ashley, Melanie, Brad and their children. For Paige, Matthew, Rocko & AnnaMarie. For all our friends and family we are praying for. Bob & Dianne, Rick & Kathy, Pete & Kathy, Harland & Anne, Mike & Naomi. For all our priests. For the Holy Souls in Purgatory. For Killis, Pam, Cathy, Robert. Shannon. Donna. For Chris, Charles & Paul – to be saved, for healing, growth & conversion. For the truth and the gift of faith. For your mercy in their lives Lord Jesus. To them, Goodbye and God bless you forever. Thank you so much. God bless.

Please keep Mrs. Thomas A. and Mrs. M. and Jodi M. in your prayers as they recently passed. Thank you.

Please prayer for healing from cancer for June and Diane. I would appreciate prayers for a buyer for my home, particularly, to find someone who cannot afford a high priced house, and one who would need a good school system. Thank you.

For my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals and Monsignor V./ For myself in every way. SPECIAL" For Therese J. and Angie C. (both have dementia)

Please keep Christy, Chris, Ella, Izzy, and Ian and their sweet baby Isaac in prayer. He passed away on April 21 at 99 days old.

Please pray for my son's cure from alcoholism and sinful living!

Dear Jesus please pray for my daughter Nelly for these two weeks in May to pass her exams so she can graduate and get her degree this year. Please send the Holy Spirit upon her to give her wisdom knowledge and understanding in her work. Lead, guide and direct her every footsteps. Be with her while she is taking her exams. Intercede for her. Also pray for my brother Ryan who has a serious heart condition , heal him , give him peace, joy and grace, relieve him from the stress with his family and financially. Pray that he will succeed with his request for disability. Pray for my son, who is hurt and lonely because his father is not returning his love and forgets that he needs food to eat and money to pay his bills. Help me financially that I would get support for my daughter Nelly , release the provision that I need to get from Hector. Pray that Jackie, Vincent and Vikie will get through with their house transaction tons. Help Vickie to find employment in Florida. Help Shai, Shaki and Denise , keep them in good health and help them financially. For these and all other needs for me and my family and the world, I pray. Amen

Please prayer for my Friend Craig O. S. who is going in for Cancer Surgery on Thursday.

That I may know the Lord, know my purpose and have the strength to execute His will with compassion and gratitude. Thank you.

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