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Prayer intention for the week of February 22, 2015
Please Dear Lord I am begging You to help Matthew today. Please restore him to the way he was before. Please give him the gift of good health and the gift of height. Please Christ be in his head and in his understanding and thinking and memory and reasoning. Please help him to be confident in himself. Please Christ be above and below him and all around him. Please Christ be in front of him leading him. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

That Jesus help me to find the way to put weight on my dangerously thin body. Have not been able to and need divine help. Thank you Jesus. Love Mary

Please pray for my daughter was to sell her house her husband died and she had to move as too many repairs were needed she is now trying to sell it as is !!! many thanks her name is Regina M. and she lives in wash... 62542

First, I'm requesting prayers for my sister-in-law Kristi S. who is battling breast cancer. Second, I need prayers for myself. I've been treated for both skin and thyroid cancer and am now awaiting a biopsy hopefully on the 5th of March to determine if I have uterine cancer. I totally believe in the power of prayer since it has helped me with my two previous cancers. Thank you so very much for all prayers in Kristi's and my behalf.

My sister has triple negative breast cancer. Lord I beg you have mercy on her, there isn't anything that Is impossible to you, if it's your will Heal her!

Please pray for Clifton A he is an unbeliever and has a hard heart. i ask that ALMIGHTY Father God awaken his spirit and bring him out of the pit

Please pray for RRR. dear Lord, I am begging You to heal and cure and give a miracle to RRR. Please permit his immune system to overpower and strangle all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous tumors everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain. Please allow his T cells and his dendritic cells to kill, nullify, shrink, dissolve and excrete all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous lesions everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain. Please grant him this miracle of a cure of melanoma. We have M and M, 15 and 10, to raise. Please hear our prayer. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please protect 3100 inside and outside. Please keep all the systems running well and running safely. Please keep the furnace, all the pipes in the house and underground safe and sound. Please keep all the utilities pipes underground and above ground safe and sound. I remove all evil in around and under 3100 and I bind it all back to Satan. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God.

Please help me and inspirer me to help my son with an assignment.

Please pray that my entire family is safe from harm's way and that they will remain healthy throughout their lives. In Jesus name, Amen. (A supporter of Maryknoll since 1971)

Dear Lord, thank you for all the favors you have granted me and my family. Please continue to help all my children with their needs especially my son Miguel. Please help that he and his father would make peace with each other because he is very sad because he feels that his father does not love him. Please put joy back into his life and give him hope in his life. Help that his father will show him love and support him and help him. Also help him to get the help he needs in college. and keep him in good health. A Help Nelly in college to do well and not be distracted by friends, help that her friends are a good influence on her especially Irv who she has so much confidence in and if he isn't please remove him from Nelly' s life. Help that she is more responsible with her life, apartment ,vehicle, health and especially her finances. Keep her away from trouble with the law and the ala doles and let her comply with all the rules and regulations . Help that she will not become addicted to drugs and alcohol . Lead guide and direct her to make right decisions in her life. Help Shai, Shaki and Denise with their needs. Amen

Please pray for me. I am wanting to start eating better and exercising often. Please give me strength, stamina, energy, health and healing. Please send your Graces to me Dear Lord.

Please pray for Michaela and give her strength, stamina, energy, health and healing. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God. Please heal her from the pushing and inappropriate touching of three weeks ago.

Lord,Deliver all souls from this culture of death & have mercy on them. Please remove all barriers that keep them from repentance, show them their sins, and grant them true contrition. Please have mercy on the souls in purgatory. Amen

Lord, I trust you. I do not want my parents to suffer emotionally or physically. Please help them. I can only make them comfortable. Also watch over Mr. Hanly. He'd a newcomer with you. :). Thank you. MW

Please pray for the financial stability of my family. For God's guidance as to what path we should take. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Please keep me in prayer that my breast cancer has not spread beyond the ducts, and if God wills, that HE heals me. On this coming Thursday I go for a second biopsy at a major breast cancer center in Pittsburgh.Thank you!

Please let him find someone again , heal his hurt and help him be complete

Please keep Robert S. in your prayers as he was a good friend and worker for Jesus. Please keep Genevieve W. in your prayers also as she has passed on and lived a very religious life with her family.

Do no Harm! The Hope & prayers of immigrants are being delayed in a harmfull way. This action Against Women & Chilidren,Families Tortured by Separating then Prison or Deportation. My prayer Is for Compassionate,Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now.

I am requesting your prayers to the good Lord for successful recovery from the treatment I was given to relieve pains from spinal stenosis which is accompanied by rheumatism causing severe pains on my back and legs. Thank you!

Thank the Lord with me that I was found to have no breast cancer. Alleluya!

Having a special Mass at our parish church in thanksgiving for the many blessing on our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Our immediate family consists of 36 people so it will be a great celebration in though it is the first Sunday of Lent. We are very thankful for our health & our children who are very active in the catholic faith. Thank you, Mark & Ann F.

Queridos Padres y Hermanos:Deseamos pedirles incluyan en sus oraciones a :Blanca Offir Morales,Maria S. Mayorga,Samuel M., Jairo y Alicia G.,todos ellos víctimas de cáncerDios les pague por sus oraciones. (TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE) Dear Fathers and Brothers: We ask include in your prayers: Offir Blanca M., Maria S. Mayorga, Samuel M., Jairo and Alicia G., all victims of cáncer. Dios pay them for their prayers.

Please pray for Pat M. who had a major stroke two days ago. Thank you.

Pray for him,

Please pray for my sister who has been unemployed for a year. May God grant her peace and a good job opportunity in the near future.

Pray for my marriage and family. Pray for baby Ella who is sick. Pray for Marie, Anne, Gary who are sick. Pray for Tom and Ryan who needs conversion,health. Pray for Mary and Nate wedding plans, conversion. Pray for Mary bridal shower that i can make it in the weather will be good. R.F and teammates and coach do well in basketball and school.

My husband is fighting cancer and has no interest in doing anything. Our house is a mess because we are busy helping him get better. Before he got cancer, he would do things in public that would embarrass us. Please heal him and give him a miracle Our two kids need a dad. We have very little family who can help. My son is 15 and in a rebellious period and his grades are dropping. My daughter was pushed on the stairs and touch inappropriately at school in the lunch line. Please help us. She is doing much better and I have placed her in another school and she is happy and helps with dinner and cooking. She is energetic.

Give us hope. We are anxious, on edge and can't believe what we see on TV. We know it is happening but it is hard to believe that so many things could be so bad.

We pray that Terry's cancer is cured and that he return to good health. We ask in the name of Jesus our Lord .

Please pray for my son who suffers from alcohol and substance abuse. I ask God to give him strength to get well. Thank you

Please pray for Shane save his soul from the devil and away from the devil's temptations of using marijuana, drugs, casual sex and addiction. Help him fight the temptation, respect his body, and seek professional help. Open Shane’s heart to Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Help him study and find new friends who follow God’s path of blessings and away from the devils path of destruction.

Please pray for our mother Eva M.who is having abdominal surgery on Thursday, February 26th at 1200 MST, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She's been in and out of the hospital for the last month unfortunately. Thanks for the prayers and God bless everyone. Jose M. Jr. of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Please pray for my niece for emotional, spiritual and physical recovery.She is a minor and a victim of rape. The perpetrators are still at large.

I would like to request prayers for peace for a Family _ their Mom, Joan M. passed away last month. Thank you. Cristina D.

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