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***Message from Maryknoll*** Thank you for submitting your prayer requests and intentions. If you have submitted a prayer previously and do not see it below, this is simply because we routinely clear our database. Please know that we have received your prayer and you are being prayed for by the Maryknoll Family. Please continue to submit your requests and we will add these to our prayer group. God Bless!

Thank you for allowing RRR's colonoscopy to go safely yesterday AM. Please send blessings, prayers and graces to RRR. They removed a polyp and they have sent it to the lab for a biopsy. I am asking You Dear Lord to heal RRR of cancer and to have that biopsy come back showing that it is a polyp. Please send him and us good news when the report comes. We have M and M, 15 and 9, to raise. Glory Honor and praise to God.

Please let Matthew have a successful test today in Chemistry. Please Guardian Angels surround him and protect him with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection. Please put on him the Armor of God. Please help him to focus, concentrate, listen, understand, remember, solve, write, reason and think. Help him to take tests well. Give him the wisdom of God the Father, the confidence of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Glory Honor and praise to God.

Please heal us of the fear and desperation and hopelessness that come with terrorism. Glory Honor and Praise to God.

Please heal and cure RAMM of fatigue, malaise, a low grade fever and low energy and exhaustion. Glory Honor and Praise to God. Please give RAMM energy, hope, strength, stamina and health. Glory Honor and Praise to God.

Please protect RAMM and remove all evil around RAMM and bind it all back to Satan. Glory Honor and Praise to God.

Please keep Michaela safe, sound, and close to You today and everyday. Please help her today with her spelling test, math test and any surprise quizzes that she might have. Put on her the Armor of God. Please assist her. Guardian Angels, surround her with barriers and barriers and layers and layers of protection. Give her a good memory for math and help her too. Help her to learn as much as she can and to behave as well as she can. help her to be a good role model to the others. Glory honor and praise to God.

Please keep 3100 safe and sound, inside and outside. Please keep all the systems running well and running safely. I remove all evil around 3100 and I bind it all back to Satan. Glory Honor and Praise to God.

Please heal my mitral valve, mouth and teeth pain and infections and also inflammations in my ankles and feet. glory Honor and praise to God.

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