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Prayer intention for the week of November 22, 2015
My son just told me that his mother in law Gina, has been taken to the hospital this morning. I turn to you for help in moments of weakness and times of need that you send out your healing Word to herand drive out all infirmity and sickness from her body. Please restore her to full health, dear Father and remive all fear and doubts from her heart by the power of your Holy Spirit,and may you Lord, be glorified through her life.

thanks be to God. Matthew had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday. He had a lot of bleeding and we called the oral surgeon and we went back to the office and he took care of it. Glory honor Praise and Thanks to God.

I'm not sure exactly what health issues he's going thru but I'm requesting prayer for Bobby, he's a family friend of ours and we haven't been able to contact his family. We've been asked to please pray for him. Please lift him in prayer and his family during this difficult time. Our Almighty Father, only you know what his needs are and what he is going thru. Thank you for all your blessings.

My friend was released from the hospital 11 days ago and as of Sunday she's not been feeling well. Please continue to lift her in pray for strength, healing, comfort, and peace of mind.

Remember the C. family to whom a beautiful granddaughter, Abigail, has been born. Abigail is 2 weeks premature and fragile. Give her parents the strength to care for her. Wrap the whole family in your Love.

Please pray for a speedy healing of 2 year old Tommy's shoulder! THANK YOU!

Please heal me and send Your Divine Providence upon me. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God. Please heal my infection and inflammation.

SPECIAL For Therese and Angie both have Alzheimers.. For deceased Ron J. and Fsther P....For Barbara P. with cancer. For all my family and friends living and deceased.

Please pray for my brother Ray who continues to fight through this terrible cancer give him strength and give him hunger and thirst so he can strengthen his body to fight. my faith is strong and I know he will be healed.

Please pray that my wife has a safe and rewarding chemo-treatment. Thank You, Bill K

Please help our family to be healthy, help my daughter to have a good report from the Doctor, thank you for all of your prayers and God Bless Every One.

Please bless RRR and send down Your Healing Touch upon RRR and grant him a miracle of a cure of cancer. Please let his T cells work within each cell to kill, overpower, shrink, destroy, dissolve, eliminate and excrete all the cancerous cells and all the cancerous tumors everywhere that they are in his body and in his brain. Please permit his immune system to become stronger and stronger. Please allow the P 53 genes to suppress and stop the cell division of cancerous cells and cancerous tumors. Please let the treatments and therapies work together to cure him. We have M and M, 16 and 11, to raise. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for a safe oral surgery for Matthew who will have his wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow AM. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God.

Please pray that my wife has a safe and rewarding chemo-treatment. Thank You, Bill K

Please pray for our daughter Mai in her endeavor continuing striving for success in her acting career;give her the courage,strength and good health to go on as each day goes by. Prayed for my husband's health as well. Prayed for me too as well and the rest of our children and grandchildren.Remember our friends and families as well.

Thank you lord for all the love in my life. Please pray for my sister m and her family. For j and her family. May my husband be committed to our marriage and show his love to me.

In order to help me find a relationship with God. If there truly is a God out there, let him awake and in my heart pray that I can find them.

Prayers that my family get back to mass and the sacraments. That my daughter-in -law work on getting an annulment. That my husband close his business, he is 82.

Please pray for Nancy - she is a caring, giving and loving friend to us all - a devout Catholic woman who has given her all to the church and her family. She is to enter her eternal life soon. God will certainly grant her eternal rest and love.

Let us have a perfect day with family and friends. Let us all have a relaxing day and just enjoy each other's Company

I lost my job of 13 years. I,m 60 years old with 4 family members at home. To loose it at the hoilday season is extra tough.I have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ,he'll get me through;but extra prayers can only aid in my needs and that of my children. Amen

Please pray for me to find a way to get out of my debt ..I live check to check and have so much debt .that I need a break thank you.Jeannie

For our cat Daisy: She is not old but today is having a lot of trouble trying to cough up a hairball. She is coughing up only white foam. I am scared. Please a little prayer for her.

St. Jude, St. Mary, all Angels & saints of Heaven, all souls in Purgatory please perpetually intercede to the Heavenly Father in Jesus' Name and through Him & in the Holy Spirit, that God will always give all of His shepherds, both at the parish level clear up to the Pope all graces & courage to always stand with Him in all things, no matter the cost. Give them the graces and courage perpetually to lead all of us back to you. Protect them and all seminarians and novices from all of the forces of evil always and that the Divine Assistance remains always with them. Protect them from all of the temptations, especially the temptations against 6th commandment.Help *Kevin become an excellent priest,someone who will always stand with You and all of Your teachings and always help him with the 6th Commandment.

Please heal and cure the RAMM family. We are achy and sore. Please send Good Health, Good Luck and Good Fortune to RAMM. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Thanks for family and friends, especially the travel group. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

My husband committed a serious crime. We learned of this crime after he suffered a severe, disabling stroke. We expect to learn the consequences for his crime this week. Unfortunately my teenage daughters and I are the innocent victims of this crime and we could lose everything. We are good people who didn't deserve any of what we are having to face. We are very scared and sad as we face an uncertain future. Please, please pray for us.

Mike A., my brother-in-law has been fighting cancer for the past 3 years and today received a negative test result from a recent MRI. By the grace of God and many prayers Mike has lived past what the doctors gave him, Your continued prayers for Mike will be much appreciated, Sincerely, Ray F., seminarian class of '68

Please pray that good health be restored to my Friend Sandy. Please pray that my son's surgery Goes well. Please pray that mental health be Restored to Olivia. Thank you

Please ask God to give my daughter the knowledge and wisdom to pass the test that she must pass to become a LPN. She failed the first time, therefore, she must past this test. Please give her strength, courage and wisdom. I asked in Jesus Name. AMEN

For the resolution to my dire situation and circumstance. For blessing and mercy of God be on me and my family. In Jesus the Christ.

Please pray for spiritual strength and confidence to pray the Rosary. GABRIEL P., LATROBE,PA

Please pray that a family member will see the light of the Holy Spirit and their children will be taught in the Christian way, and for another family member who is falling away. Thank you...God bless.

Give us hope for the future.

Health, safety, peace for Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M.,John and Jean H.

Please pray for Rich to have a safe trip home and for guidance in his discernment where God is calling him. Thank you and God bless!

For my son's return to the Catholic faith.

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope Cardinals, monsignor V. and Sister B. For myself in every way SPECIAL: For Therese and Angie who have Alzheimers. For Father P. and Barbara P. who have cancer.


Please pray for my family to heal and have piece in their lives and to get a head in life and be happy,healthy, safe help us get through the bad time

for my cousin Peter, Nephew Jon and Aaron.

Dear Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you for your love and peace into my heart and soul. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Heal my right hip and knees so I could walk strong again without pain. Heal my daughter Shai with her back, hips, shoulder and make her strong. Relieve her from all the stress she is going through in her life. Give her your peace and hope. Help all my children with their needs. Help Nelly in college that she will well to graduate next year, keep her safe while she is there in NJ. Let us have a safe trip when we travel next week. Continue to pray for me with my finances that I will get money to support my daughter in college. Pray for the people of France. For these and all other needs for my children and family, I pray for your intercession . Amen

For my wife please. Pray for a speedy recovery from her illness. May God watch over her. Thank You

Complete healing - Mark and Deborah especially for cancer and allergies, heart issues

Thank you lord for my two new grandchildren. May they be blessed and be healthy and happy. Pray for my husband to kiss me again.

please pray for all those hurt and killed in the paris shootings, and all who were subjected to the horror of witnessing it. May God be with them in this trying time.

Please keep our home our yard, our deck and our porch safe and sound today. I will pray more later on today. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

Please surround Michaela with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Please keep her safe and sound and holy and whole and strong Watch over her as she plays basketball in a basketball clinic. Glory honor praise and Thanksk to God.

Please send down Your Guardian Angels to surround Matthew with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for me. Please heal my mitral valve, infection and inflammation. Please give me strength, stamina, energy, health and healing. Please help me to get healthy once again, fit and flexible. Glory honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please bless 3100. We are weak, weary, ignored and forgotten. Please keep our house, yard, home and car safe and sound, today and always. We are beyond exhausted because of illness. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God. Please remove all evil around RAMM our house our yard and all of our house and home and bind it all back to Satan. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Mary C who is a friend to Father L. at Maryknoll in Ossining has suffered a stroke and needs our prayers.

We request your prayers for a (very) long awaited decision on our grant application that it may be successful in our favor. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for my niece's little boy who is very sick in the hospital, help him to get better so my niece can go back to the nursing home she works at, she is so caring with the patients there and I know they miss her,she is going thru a very sad time now. Thank you and God Bless.

Please Christ be in his mind and in his thinking and understanding and memory. Please keep him close to You today and always. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God.

Thanks for a really really good report card Dear Lord. thanks for inspiring Matthew and for giving him the gifts of understanding, memory and thinking. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

Please heal my mitral valve, infection and inflammation. glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray for the cure and healing recovery for my wife's illness. Thank You, Bill K.

Holy Spirit I ask that you help all the volunteers at the LGBT Center OC, give them a clean and empty heart and fill it Jesus through Mary. Amen.

Please pray for my son Brandon he is applying for a new job,ask God to guide him. Also for the kids that are suffering

Please send RAMM Good Health, Good Luck and Good Fortune today and always. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please keep our car and all the cars and drivers near our car safe, sound, alert, awake, aware, cautious and careful. Please slow us all down and help us all to realize the precious cargo that we all carry in our cars. Please remove all evil, in, under, near, above and below and around our car and all the cars and drivers near our car and bind all that evil back to Satan. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray that I will find a buyer for my home before the winter begins. Also, please pray for my friend, June, who had surgery to remove a tumor. Now she is struggling with infections. Thank you.

Please pray for my employment and living situation. Also, my best friend is going through body rejecting meds. Please God cure her and bring us both peace. Amen and thank you love G.

Please pray for Joe R. who recently passed away and for his surviving wife, Nancy - Marblehead. Mass.


For all my family relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor V. and Sister B. For myself in every way. SPECIAL: For Therese and Angie who have Alzheimers. For Father P. and Barbara P. who have cancer... For Ron J. who passed away 10/26/15....

Please pray for my daughter Lauren D. to gain acceptances into all medical schools that she applied and interviewed to. Please pray for her to hear the good news soon. Thank you.

Thank be to God for a great Saturday and Sunday with my daughter. Thanks be to God for my son who hung out with his dad so M and I could go to Ohio,.

Por favor rueguen a Nuestro Señor por la salud mental y espiritual de mi hija Cecilia de 22 años que este viernes se quiso suicidar, el Señor nos permitió impedirlo pero aun esta en peligro por favor Señor ilumina la para poderle ayudar.

Please continue to pray for my friend Gina. She's still in the hospital, she did not get the surgery as we expected. She is feeling better thanks for all the prayers, however, she is being monitored for any complications or changes in her condition. Her parents returned home to California and her sons returned to Montana. We're placing Gina in God's hands to continue in healing her.

Please watch over M and A as we drive back home to Pittsburgh today. glory honor praise and Thanks to God.

Please protect my oldest grandson from the devil who right now is trying to gain him over to his ways.

For my two elder grandsons, please God, be there for them as they struggle on their journeys and keep them safe from all emotional and physical harm that can befall them. For my daughter and her husband that their quest for a home will be an easy one.

Praying for harmony within the family during a trying time. Asking God to help with my anger and negative banter in my head.

For all vets having served returned home and we not forget those who did not return. Jim C. US ARMY

pray i can come up with money for our beef, recovery from surgery and successful legal, d to rv asap and wisdom to help people with it wisely, my pets especially hip problems, the spiritual, physically, and financial well being of my family, for my sons and grandkids and girls, for Debi and dad, cure dad's bad health, cure kent and lisa's cancer, andy's addictions, fred's and my marriage, health, and substance abuse in my family.

For normal MAMMO result And all doctors checkups And exams, we pray to God, for all on my special prayer list we pray and for all Maryknollers too we pray to the Lord

Thank you Lord for tha safe delivery of a new granddaughter. Please pray for my daughter as she awaits a new child. May she have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Also pray for my sister Mary as she lives with stage four cancer. And please fill my husband with your Holy Spirit so he will love me as his wife.

Please pray that God heals my elderly mother's high blood pressure and severe back pain. She had a stroke and very ill now. Thank-you

Please keep me healthy, strong, and energetic. Please send down Your Healing Touch upon me. Please heal my mitral valve, infections and inflammation. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray that my son stops using drugs and drinking alcohol. May there be unity in our family. Amen.

Exam success and good upgrading results.

Prayers for Children from Donna N. G. As we begin to prepare for the holidays, let us remember all the world's children. Too many refugees (41 percent) are children. Too many orphans are already heads of households. Too many are child laborers. These 215 million children work for their own and their family's survival. All these children are at risk of death, illness, physical and psychological damage with little or no future. As we continue to love, respect, teach, and support our children, let us remember all children in prayer, blessing, positive thought and energy.

Please heal my mitral valve, infection and inflammation. Glory Honor praise and thanks to God.

Thanks be to God for keeping RRR's cancer stable. I ask for him to respond to the two therapies he is receiving I am begging You Divine Healer to grant RRR a miracle of a cure of cancer. We have M and M, 16 and 11, to raise. Please in Your Divine Providence please send healing and miracles to him. I have to go to the pharmacy RRR has pneumonia and I will pray later on. Our car is going into the mechanic's shop too so I will pray more later on today. Glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

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