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Prayer intention for the week of April 13, 2014
Please help me by praying for my health, job, family snd friends.

Please pray for the following Fanny , Valerie , Susan, Robert,Linda, James, Diane, Nicole , sal, larry Jeanne ,Fr.Dalton , Fr. Kelly, Despy,bill, Marie, Dolores, Mary, Anna, Betty, jerry, Sharon, Kathleen, Kelly and me. Bring back Linda to the family.

Dear lord, Please support Judy with your everlasting and divine love while she is dealing with the loss of vision in her left eye. She is a faithful daughter of her faith and has done many good deeds for others. In your name. Dawn B.

Please continue to pray for our documentary to receive the full funding amount. We truly believe this is a huge catalyst for the New Evangelization that Blessed John Paul II instituted! Thank you and God Bless!

Please pray Rich gets accepted and for his future success according to God's will! Thanks and God bless!

Please pray for Irene's & Christine's legs to strengthen and become less painful, so they can get around better. Thank you and god bless!

Please guide us with our journey with these ministries and what part we should play in each. Thanks and God bless!

Please pray for the above! Every soul should be with Christ! Thanks and God bless!

For dad to continue to have good health and his salvation!

We have a parcel of land that we have been making payments on for years and have not been able to sell it. It is a financial burden. We pray it sells this year. Thanks and God bless!

Please allow us to keep present house to keep our family. Thank you.

Lord please bring your beloved Marlene back to full recovery. Thank you for your loving presents

Reconciliation between Paula, Keith and Jason

- For healing & will power to fight to get well fir Lydia's bro P & John A - For good health of our families - For all Maryknollers & SR Rose's soul to rip, we pray to The Lord & blessed Mother

Please pray for me, Nelia, that I may be completely healed of the breast cancer that I've been newly diagnosed. Please pray for my Surgeon, Dr A. S., and the other doctors, that they may perform the surgery on Tues., April 1, efficiently and effectively. May the works of the Lord be made visible through and in this cancer.

To become a better person and father and husband. To live life to the fullest

please pray for my mom who has passed.

Dear Lord, ease heal me , take away the pain in my right leg and knee. Heal my heart and my whole body. Help my brother Ryan with his finances and stress from his family, let them stop drinking. Help all of my children and their family. Help Miguel and Nelly in college to do well and get their degree. Help Shai with all the stress she's going through in her job and with her family. Help Denise financially and with all of the problems in her job. Help Shai and Shaki to make peace with each other . Watch over all my children and keep them safe. Amen

Dear God, Help me to return to a giving out of love rather than guilt, or fear, or dreaded obligation. With so many requesting funds it seems like a mindless blurr.... Love should be my only action when we give from our meager funds. Please help me to return to the joy of sharing.

Please pray for Christian a 10 year old boy with learning problems. He had a breakdown last night and is in the hospital. His grandparents are taking care of him. They are overwhelmed. Thank you!

Dear Father M. Please pray for my younger sister who has cancer and they can't operate. She is going thru chemo. She is low on blood and she was just given some blood. Her Birthday is tomorrow. So please say a prayer that she will be able to spend the day without any pain. Her family will be with her. She also lost her husband three years ago. All I can do for her is to pray. Thank you for all the email you send and May God Bless you. Happy Easter! Betty

Please pray that my son will be offered a job and he will accept it in the ship where he is volunteering right now. Thank you very much.

For my friend, Yvonne and all other bone cancer sufferers.

For forgiveness and love in my marriage. For my husband to be strong and to end the relationship with s. For the relationship between s & n, her fiancé, to be completely healed and they marry quickly. I pray for success this year for my daughter and myself in achieving our goals. Thanks.

Please pray for my daughters Megan, Taryn, and Caitlin. They are all in need of God's help in their lives. Thank you!

Please pray for my brother, Joe, who is having financial and legal difficulty.

The son of a friend of mine has become seriously ill and I am requesting prayers for his recovery as well as strength and faith for his family. Thank you.

That my son Greg will return to Jesus and will have his son baptized also. That my heart will feel again the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. that my husband will find peace.

I have 2 children who are estranged from me. I pray they have a change of heart and can find forgiveness.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H., Diara D.

For Teresa to find her lost dachshund safe and bring him home again.

Please pray for our daughter and son-in-law as the continue to struggle with the lost of their baby boy. Our hope is that the Doctor's will give them good news following the many tests that will be taken that they can again become pregnant. Also remember our daughter, Terri, who is sharing her faith with her patients today as she vists her patients at the Children's Hospital in, MI.

I request prayers for help with my own and my family's faith to be more vigorous and zealous with increasing conviction. I ask for prayers of hope to receive the graces of wisdom to resolve my problems of unemployment, litigation issues, financial burdens and the resulting burdens on marital and family relationships. Thank you.

For Anna graces and mercy for a deliverance and inner healing

For my nephew Hans A's full recovery from his accident last Good Friday. For complete healing of his mind, body and soul. And for him and his family's financial difficulties. I pray in Jesus' name, Amen ...

Please pray for colleen O. to get a good career worthy job,health,peace,safety and for healing. Pray for John O. for success at his current job,safety,favor, and for our money situation to improve and for our shop to make more money,good help and for us to have a family of our own.

My son is planning on leaving the seminary after his second year of theology. Please pray that he does God's will. I am saddened about his decision.

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