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Prayer intention for the week of December 07, 2014
I pray that my Oldest son and my daughter will dissolve their differences so we can have a peaceful wonderful Christmas.. May his soul and heart heal and not hold so many grudges.. Thank you so much for remember this prayer it is what I truly wish for this Christmas...

Por el viaje de Daniel por tranquilidad mental de Adan por todos los ninos del mundo por todas las maldades tu Senor sabes todo y por mi hogar por mi hermano Osvaldo y su companero (TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE) By Daniel trip for peace of mind of Adam by all children of the world for all the evils thy Lord know everything and my home for my brother and his partner Osvaldo

Please pray for me. I am very overweight, caring for a brother with alcoholism, and now potentially facing unemployment for the fourth time in ten years. The stress is significant. My brother relapsed and totaled my car 10 days ago while I was away. I am scared and uncertain. Thank you for prayers.

please pray for my sister in law Michelle who has gone through so many operations with a rare cancer that is attacking her spinal chord.

Please pray for my sister, Nancy, that she will be healed of many health problems, for healing of an unhappy marriage, and for the conversion of her husband, John.

I ask for prayers for a childhood friend who is facing heart surgery. Please give my friend peace and a successful outcome.

Please say a special prayer for Robert M. as he was just diagnosed with lung cancer. He is too young to die, so please pray for him.

Please add my aunt, Mrs. Agnes M. and my cousin, Kevin M. for the Christmas Novena. Also, please pray for teenager, Alexa A., who is suffering from serious but undiagnosed health issues.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Dear Lord. Thank you for allowing the cancer treatment to work for RRR. The Dr. called and said that his tumors are about the same and that he will not need the cyberknife treatment just now. They will give another MRI in six weeks. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Dear Lord, I ask that I recover fast from my surgery. That my health will return to its full strength with good appetite and clear mind. I also ask for good health for my wife, Doris, who has been taking care of me 24/7. I thank you for giving me a wife who is very generous and unselfish. With You, all things are possible. Amen. I also ask for the success of my son, Paul in his career at Baker. I also ask for the success of VASCEPA and AMRN to help cure many ailments suffered by those with hi triglycerides and other cardio diseases. For the well being of Doris, Paul, Arlyn, Emy, Mark and my sisters and brother. For the well being of Jim A. Sr, Melody, the 3 sons and grandson, Jim A. II. For the health of Cynthia R. For the welfare of the children at Covenant House. For the mission of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. Thank you.

Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

Remember my very good friend Ray P., who recently passed away, at a Christmas Mass

Please pray for my son to have the strength to recover from his alcohol addiction. He has been in rehab 8 times in 5 years. He has lost hope & his faith

For Father Don S. Peace in Christ. Thank you.

Please help them sell their house .

Please pray that my father's house sells. Thank you

For my children and grandchildren that they will encounter Christ's followers in their lives and see His love shining through them. THey are away from the Church, two grandchildren never baptized, and have no idea of what Christmas is really about except for toys. My greatest prayer would be for them to encounter followers of Christ. And please help my grandsons this week with their college exams.

My friend's dad is in the hospital because he has a tricky esophageal condition in which food can stick to the lungs and cause pneumonia. He's getting better and should be out of the hospital soon. There is no cure and the condition could come back, but please pray that her dad stays well. God Bless her dad, please pray for him.

My friend, Pat N. is struggling with not seeing clearly, unable to drive distances. Thank you very much.

My daughter has left the house. She is only 22 She thinks she is a lesbian. It started when, one girl began to be her friend and she wouldn't leave her alone. My daughter is confused and now I worry even more so. Please help me in the name of Jesus to give my husband and I strength. Thank you.

Please give us courage, perseverance And to have good dental ckup news and to guide us re insurance we pray to the Lord and blessed Mother For a happy healthy safe peaceful blessed holiday season and 2015 to all our loved ones

That Ethan, only 2 weeks old, will have a natural healing of his kidneys.

Please help colitis is acting up again and I thought I was on the mend. I need patience and strength and belief that this is just temporary.

Offer prayers for my classmate and good friend Father Steve S....MM.. May he rest in peace with the Christ child and His mother!

Hello. I would like prayers for my brother and sister in law, living in Kansas, for a peaceful advent and stable health in 2015.

I have been having horrible chest pains for weeks, doctors have not yet found the source despite many tests and appointments. I have more tests coming up on Christmas Eve morning and after. Please pray that I don't die and leave my beloved Sarah so young. We have not yet even begun to start our family. Please pray that whatever is going on is treatable. I beg you.

I have been having horrible chest pains for weeks, doctors have not yet found the source despite many tests and appointments. I have more tests coming up on Christmas Eve morning and after. Please pray that I don't die and leave my beloved Sarah so young. We have not yet even begun to start our family. Please pray that whatever is going on is treatable. I beg you.

Our cat Maxx has been fighting kidney problems and also has heart issues. Thanksgiving week he didn't eat much and lost an eighth of his body weight losing over a pound. The vet put him on mylanta to try to bring down his phosphorous levels he said Maxx was in trouble if it didn't. Maxx has regained weight (good)but, had a blood test and it revealed that it only brought down the phosphorous level to 11.0 from 12.8 (normal is 6 or 7) Maxx has been looking like his muscles in his legs seem weak. ( a symptom of high phosphorous levels and other things. He also has an infection in his left eye. Please pray that God will heal Maxx's entire body and bring the phosphorous levels back down immediately to normal healthy levels and that God will strengthen Maxx's muscles and restore health to Maxx.

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara, Father Praxid and Pat K. who has cancer. For myself in every way.

Please send RRR a Christmas miracle. Please heal him of cancer. Let the immune therapy work. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Father, I pray that you will always protect our family. Please give them direction in their lives and keep them out of harms way. We also ask forgiveness for our sins and pray that you will help us to overcome all evil. We thank you in the Lord's name, Amen.

The Mitchell Family, The Bailey & Family, Ronald J R., Theresa Ropke, The Tadin Family, Mary Alano, The Gusich Family, The Fabrizzio Family, The Bertucci & Family, The Pelnarsh family, The Freeman family

***December Message from Maryknoll*** If you do not see your prayer below, please do not worry. We routinely clear out this page but we have received your prayer and you are being prayed for by the Maryknoll family. God Bless!

Please put on Matthew and Michaela the Armor of God. Please watch over us today. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

Please heal me of a cold, cough, allergies and aches. Please heal my mitral valve. Pleasegive me health, healing, energy, strength and stamina. glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

Please pray today for BR HIgh School today and keep every student there calm and help them to work out what it bothering them with an adult. Please pray for safety and protection for BR High School. Glory Praise Thanks and Honor to God.

Please pray for Austin as hard as you can. glory Honor Praise and thanks to God.

I pray that my son forget the troubling thing he went through at war and gains his mental health back. Lord please take away his depression.

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