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Prayer intention for the week of July 19, 2015
Dear Lord, thank you for the monies I received after three months waiting to pay my daughter bills. Please continue to pray for me that Hector, the children' father, will continue to support my children on a consistent basis. Lord Jesus, please remove any evil influence or other obstacles that is preventing Hector from supporting his children on a regular basis. Please pray for him because he was such a caring father and for the past three months he seemed so heartless , please help that he will start to care, love and support his children again. Lord Jesus, please help me financially because my daughter is in college and I have been using my personal funds to pay my daughter bills, that her father supposed to pay, and my funds are running low and I have my own bills to pay; I do not want to disrupt her college education. Please pray for my daughter Nelly, to do well in college so she can graduate next year. Watch over her, guard and protect her and give her wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do well in college. I trust that you will help me in all my needs. Amen

Dear Lord, please bless me today as a parent, grand mother and great grand mother. Give me the wisdom,knowlege and strength to lead and guide my children, grandchildren and great grand child . Please pour your grace and love in my heart that I will know you better . Bless all of my family and friends especially my sister Jackie and my brother Ryan. Thank you Lord for all your blessings in my life and the lives of my children which are countless . I love and praise your holy name. Amen

Dear Lady of Liberation, please pray for the RAMM family. We only have one room with a room air conditioner. I am going to pray quickly today. Please grant RRR a miracle of a cure of melanoma. Please keep 3100 safe and sound. Please keep our car safe and sound. Please grant Matthew the gift of a growth spurt. Please grant matthew the gift of height.

For Daughter and son in law Katie and Ryan to conceive a healthy baby. Thank you for your prayers

Prayer Request to Our Lady Undoer of Knots. Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ, I love You Jesus Christ with my whole entire soul and mind. I love You Lord God with my whole entire strength and heart. And I love my neighbor as myself for the love of You. Prayerful of petition to God so that he may grant me the grace of bilocation, the grace of reading souls, the grace to know just how to say the right words to a sinner, the grace to know if a penitent is sincere, the grace to stun many by accurately reciting their sins for them, the grace to never complain to unjust accusations leveled against me, the grace to recite over twenty rosaries in one day, the grace to stay in the masses over an hour, and the grace to be a saint. In thanksgiving to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, prayerfully of petitions and thanks be to God forever and ever. Amen.Our Lady Undoer of Knots is wonderful.

Please keep our car and all the cars and drivers near our car safe, sound, alert, awake, aware, cautious and careful Please slow us all down and help us all to realize the precious cargo that we all carry in our cars. Please remove all evil in, under, near, above, below and all around our car and all the cars and drivers near our car and bind all the evil back to Satan.

Please pray for the spiritual, physical, and financial needs of my family. For the lost $50, the auto settlement, revalue of currency asap and the wisdom to do good with it, for substance problems, weight loss, for good health for Fred and me and for my dad. For Sean's troubles. for my little dogs

Please send down Your Guardian Angels to surround Michaela with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Please Christ be in her mind and in her praying. Please Christ be in her mind and in her thinking. Please Christ be in her mind and in her reasoning. Please Christ be in her actions. Please Christ be in her decisions.

Please give me energy, strength, stamina and healing and health. I am wearing out. We have one room with a window air conditioner.

Please pray for my family and I to get thru the hardship we are encountering and please pray for me that my place of employment will not be close. Thank you.

Please pray for my daughter Annabelle who has been wrongly acused of abusing her baby boy and has had her baby taken away. She is innocent of this accusations, but she has been charged with it and is going to be having her pre-trial end of July. Please pray so that the charges can be dropped during this pre-trial and that she can soon have her baby back home with her. Annabelle is also 4 months pregnant. Please pray so that she can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy and that this baby will not be taken away from her. Thank you her mother Mary

Please pray for my sister Nancy who needs open heart surgery. Please pray for her healing. In Jesus Name Thank you

Please pray for peace in my family betwwen my son Juan and his wife Cristina and my daughter Annabelle and her boyfriend Frankie. Also for peace between my sister Namcy and brother Johnny and his wife Corrine.

Please pray for the total healing of my grandson Frankie Jr. so that he can develop well throughout his life and that his injuries will not affect him in any way. Thank you

Please pray for speedy recovery from surgery. Say lots of prayers for him . I heard that a prayer circle heals clients 50% x faster. Amen Thanks. Mary ann Valla

Please pray for my husband's healing of serious skin cancer and also safe travel this next week.

Calvin l. W, Calvin f. And Diara w., Josphine m., George and Gail m., John and Jean h.

Please pray for my husband's physical and spiritual health and mine also. Thank you

Pray for my marriage and family A.F and family can lose weight, exercise and eat healthy.Pray for A and G can communicate well together. Mary and Nate, Liz and Scott marriage and family Pray for Aiden and Ella. Pray for Ryan. Pray for Alysha, Tom and Eric. Pray for healing for the past and presents healing in my life.

Please for my children that they be close to another, help one another, love one another, respect one another and pray together. That they be able to pay their loans and debts. Thank you for including them in your prayers.

Prayer request: In thanks giving for abundant blessings poured on our family and our new company. For continued success of our company.


That the test are good.

Please pray for alleviation of suffering of my 95 year old disabled parents, Anne & George. God bless you.

You all are always in my prayers. Thank you for all you do! I ask for prayers for myself, a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother (single) and friend, a member of the Legion of Mary, also for my family and friends. But especially for my dear friend Linda P. , who has not 1 but 2 cancers. She has asked me, and I feel very honored to help, her daughter and grand children and great grand children, too be there for them now and always. I am and will be! They need our prayers, Linda needs our prayers. Please also keep her whole family and friends in your prayers as well. Thank you! God bless!

Please pray that's husband mike of 34 years will come home and reconcile our marriage and save our family. He will see this divorce is wrong. Thanks. Rachael

Please send down Your Guardian Angels to surround Michaela with layers and layers and barriers and barriers of protection today and always. Please please protect her as she goes to tumbling class and then to cheer squad practice. Please please keep her safe ands sound and close to You today and always. Please Christ be in her thinking. Please Christ be in her reasoning. Please Christ be in her actions . Please Christ be in her decisions. Please Christ be above and below her. Please Christ be all around her. Please Christ be near and within her today and always.

My prayer request is to be rid of a constant feeling of fear/anxiety/depression

For all my fanily, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara and Father Praxid. For myself in every way.

My name Antonietta pray that God makes me feel good to walk I have pain in the feet also metatarsalgia diseased in his feet pray that God make me feel good at the feet want to feel good at the feet want to meet my love GABRIELE want to give him love I want to receive love I want to love I want to be loved I want you fall in love with me I want him to love me I wish it was the man in my life for me to pray for my life at God for my family for my grandchildren to GABRIELE A.

Please pray for my son that the Lord will guide him during this difficult time. Please pray he will hear the Lord's voice. Thank you

We pray for better harvest and land leases to continue as before.

Please help me pray that my family and I will be able to fulfill our financial obligations and my place of employment will remain open.

Need a clear understanding of God's will regarding a business and personal relocation. The Best Family

Pray that you're going to put Fr. Lou's obituary in the Ossining Daily Voice? I've looked daily but haven't seen it. I would like you to please. Thank you. Jim

Please pray for Mary , that she cope with her worsening cancer with faith and hope and clarity. Help her and help her family. Please pray for Brian. He has lost his way and is heading for divorce and estrangement. Please give him the morals to do what is right for his family and protect us from his self-serving ways. Help Galen get the certification he has sent for.

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