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Prayer intention for the week of June 28, 2015
Our daughter ends her affair with a older married man & give her mother & I patience & God's grace to endure

For all my family, relatives and friends living and deceased. For the Pope, Cardinals, Monsignor Vaughey, Sister Barbara and Father Praxid. For myself in every way. SPECIAL For my Sister, Therese J. who we have just learned has the first stage of Alzheimer's disease

Divine Healer, please heal RAMM and give us health, healing, energy, stamina and strength. Glory Honor Praise and Thanks to God.

I ask for prayers for Marcia's healing of cancer. If not healing, I pray for her peaceful death. God's will be done.


Calvin L. W., Calvin F. and Diara W., Josephine M., George and Gail M., John and Jean H.

Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection . Pray for an increase in spiritual gifts. We are an Ecclesiastical Community that ministers to healing through the power of prayer. Our spiritual leader is Deacon Brian Kerby of Evergreen Co. Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening. Special prayers for: *Craig-recent Bone Marrow Transplant, for leukemia to stay in remission, for strength to endure, for peace take away all fear, for minimum side effects of chemo/meds, for energy, trust, has severe neuropathy caused from all the chemo for healing *Amy-(Craig's wife) to keep her faith strong, strength to endure *Shawn- alcoholism *Linda- fibromyalgia and back issues *Anna- strength and faith to be able to raise Liam who has downs syndrome Liam- downs syndrome *Lori- to open her heart to the Lord to receive her healing from ovarian cancer battling over 5 years *Eileen- ALS *Paul-brain cancer *Landry- born premature March 31 @ 1lb 13oz 13"long for healing and strength to endure all that is happening in his little body. Has had several surgeries already. *Cindy-repose of her soul Blessings Shelly

Help for relief from her back and neck pain. Thank you

Please join me in praying for our home to sell. It has been on the market for over two years We raised our three children in this large home and have already purchased a small home to downsize to. I ask God daily to bring a buyer to this lovely home that needs a family. Thank you

May Almighty God grace Ruby Joy in Maine complete healing from her pancreatis cyst and give her the strength and peace that she so needs at this time.

For help with our finances and those of our son and his family who are struggling.

For the women in our family in need of jobs that are right for them...daughter Debbie to get a job closer to her home that she can be good at; for daughter-in-law Carolyn to get a full time teaching job this fall; for daughter Veronica to get a job right for her; for grand daughter Emily to be motivated to find work using her talents; for daughter-in-law Emily & her sticky job situation. Thank you God.

Pray that they will conceive a child.

Fathers and brothers I need your prayer to strengthen my way.God bless you. My birthday is June 29, and this identifies me even more with Maryknoll. My name is Pedro L.; I live in a town called Porto Alegre in Brazil.

My daughter needs to find a job desperately. May the Good Lord grant her request!

Please pray they will be blessed with a pregnancy.

This little girl, age 6 or 7, is suffering an unidentified pressure from leakage on her brain which has potential to cause blindness. She is in hospital now undergoing treatment. She has had several spinal taps in her short life to drain fluid. Please, include her in your prayers.

Dear Lord, please pray for me and my children . Heal my back, right hip, leg and knee so I can walk stronger without pain. Help me financially, pray that I will get the money from from kids father to replenish my account. Reach out to him, soften his heart and let him care and think about the welfare of his children and myself; let him put us first in his life before his political welfare. Please Lord, help me because my children need money for their welfare and bills. This situation is making me sick, so I place Hector in your hands to help us this week. Help Nelly on Tuesday that she will pass her exams so she can be on schedule to graduate next year, with the help of,the, Holy Spirit, give her wisdom, knowledge and understanding and lead,,guide and direct her. Help Miguel to get help in college and focus more on his education so he can finish his degree. Help that he and his father will continue to live in peace with each other and that they will continue to love, care and support each other, help that no wicked or jealous person will come in their way. Pray for Shai who is so hurt and disappointed with her marriage and is suffering right now and is losing hope in herself and with life. Reach out to her and give her peace of mind and faith that God will take care of her. Keep her children safe especially the two boys who are living with their father. Thank you for helping Denise find full time job, help that she would spend her money wisely and pay her bills. Help Shakima to take care of her health and lose all the weight she has gained before she starts to get sick. For these and all other needs for my children and myself I pray for your assistance. Amen

Please Dear Lord keep 3100 safe and sound, inside and outside. Please keep the alarm system, electrical system, gas lines and water lines safe, sound, and working well and working safely. Please remove all evil in, under, near, around, above and below 3100 and I bind it all back to Satan.

I am Catholic. My former parish is a church in name only. My husband has been battling cancer for about six years. SSS Church has never once asked if they can do something to help. My daughter was touched inappropriately at school, in fourth grade, in January. She was pushed on the stairs but Thank God she lost her balance but was okay. A boy touched her inappropriately in the back. She was humped She is ten years old. I have no family I have no skills. I have not one friend. I have dedicated my life to helping my husband beat cancer. There would have been no one to mentor and parent my adoptive kids so I stayed home. Now our back wall is falling apart. Our kitchen is falling apart. The electrical system is working only in certain rooms. The dining room is just about to come now. the bathroom is falling apart. I dedicated myself and now I am in dire straits. No one cares for me. My children won't help around the house. My husband gets angry if he has to fold towels. I am expendable. No one cares AS long as my children get money to go out or to buy things, that is all that matters.

God, Dear God, Divine Healer, please heal our family. We don't work together at all. We don't have each other's backs.

My husband and grandsons Clint and Jon who are in need of healing. Also better weathers for our crops.

That my father and men like him will receive the Protection and comfort of the blessed mother in their rest

Please pray for the following people battling stage 4 cancer: Abby Del C., Dione M. C., Devin D., and Brooks B. Please pray for their caregivers, friends, and families. May God intervene and perform a miracle. Thank You!

God is good. We got the approval for my husband to have his MRI. this is necessary for his treatment. Glory Honor praise and Thanks to God.

I am an adoptive mom. I am old, fat, ugly and stupid. Several times a week I get slammed by someone who wonders if I am the mom of my daughter. We have refugees from Nepal living in our neighborhood. I can tell when someone is talking about me or ridiculing me in a foreign language because I grew up in an Italian neighborhood and this happens often. People can hide behind their foreign language. I am Caucasian and in the eyes of the world, I am old. I am ugly I am fat and I am stupid. In my son's high school yearbook someone signed this : Your mom is hot and signed it with someone else's name. How do I know this? I met the girl who used to attend this high school and my son considers her a friend. Someone signed this hurtful commend and I read it and I tore it out of my sons yearbook. It was on the front page right on top front and center. So when i bought this house I used to trust people. My stupidity was not having a home inspection. The L. family hide huge cracks in the back wall and covered it up with huge grasses and vines. The wall is in terrible shape. My next door neighbor now sees what occurred. He thought he was helping me. He put several tons of rolling stones on ahillside, MY yard without asking me. Now the rolling stones are slippery and it didn't stop the weeds from growing. My son has been in an organization for many years now. the other kids in that group have slammed me and maligned me and undermined me. I am fat from my husband's cancer and the nurses who work in a cancer center are mean. I was in the middle of eating soup. I didn't eat breakfast because I bought groceries for my son before we went to the cancer center. The nurse told me I had to go to another area. I told I was done with my soup and i threw it out. I went to the area. i tried to explain to her that my husband is hard of hearing. She had to listen to our conversations during the day as she was one of the nurses working in the pod yesterday. She later touched me on the arm and asked me if I needed anything. I am fat. I am stupid. I am old. The stress of dealing with this cancer all alone is too much. My husband used to act all weird in social settings. So his family doesn't want to be embarrassed so they don't call or anything. In six years, not one person has said CAn i do something for You ? Not one person My own two children don't step up. My son plays football and two of the newer friends that he has -- have said these things. They said Your mom really loves you. She comes to practices too. Another friend whose dad died when he was little said that he wanted me to adopt him too. I am old. I am fat. I am ugly I got the worst features of both of my parents.

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