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Brother Marty Shea's Life In Mission

For Maryknoll Brother Marty Shea, the civil war in Guatemala became not only the focus of his work, but also the focus of his life. Beginning in the 1980s, Shea lived among families in rural Guatemala and went with them as they were chased into Mexican refugee camps by powerful government forces. Shea was also there for the return of many families to Guatemala after the bloody civil war ended. Throughout his long journey, Shea kept a journal of photos and writings called Save the Kids, Save their Stories that chronicles the hope and faith he witnessed firsthand during these times of immense challenge.

Just three out of the many children photographed by Brother Marty Shea in Guatemalan villages and in their refugee homes in Mexico In a recent wide-ranging conversation with Maryknoll Interactive Media, Brother Shea opened up about his life's work among the Guatemalan people. Click Here for video of Brother Shea telling his own story. You can also click Here for a video slideshow of photos, also narrated by Shea himself.

Your gift will help mend the deep wounds that poverty and war always leave behind - not just in Guatemala but other countries where Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers serve. Please donate to Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers.

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Forsaking foolishness

In the book of Proverbs, chapter 9, Wisdom is depicted as a generous and joyful figure. She sets a table and welcomes everyone to come, sit down and be nourished with her sage understanding. "Forsake foolishness and live," she says, "and go in the way of understanding."

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Mission Spirituality
Listening Deeply

I was searching for a new mission. 

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